In today’s digital world, the existence of smartphones and computers can’t be ignored even for day-to-day work. We realize that almost all aspects are inseparable from the role of digital technology, including how students learn. Competition in education is very harsh, ensuring that traditional approaches are no longer enough. Students studying at A-level require applications that are specifically designed to improve the quality of learning, from the one that can retype my essay and cite every source in it to the one that can make complex calculations and solve different math problems. And what’s more practical than mobile apps?

Today students can download whatever studying apps they want through mobile devices as the market provides them with a wide variety: from an ordinary calculator to an online essay proofreader. However, not all apps are really helpful and only some of them are really useful. In this opportunity, I will share five studying applications that can really improve the quality of your learning

1. My Homework

This app is always in first place as the most popular studying app. Useful to help remember time-tables and task completion deadlines; this app offers a simple approach related to how it helps organize your learning schedule. For example, every time you click on a certain date, you will be presented with a list of tasks you need to complete. To use it, you need to sync your computer to your phone to keep things running smoothly.

2. Evernote

This studying application allows users to take photos and record video as well as making important notes. Equipped with collaboration features to share notes with others, this app can be classed as a “social studying app” that not only works individually but socially as well. If you use this app, any of your ideas and thoughts can be saved in recording form and whenever you need them, they are available to be called.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox has the advantage of storing documents, essays and other files at one location. This app allows you to sync files from different locations. With the online storage system feature resembling “cloud”, you do not have to worry anymore if one day your computer is damaged because your data is stored safely.

4. iStudiez Pro

If you want an app that can efficiently keep track of tasks and due dates with the help of code and activity labels, then iStudiez Pro is for you. You do not need to be confused again surrounded by various tasks because all the details are marked with certain labels and color codes that are each tied at a certain time. As long as you are careful in accessing this application, you do not have to worry anymore neglect in doing all tasks and your extracurricular activities.

5. iBooks

Are you interested in online books? As we all know, online books offer unlimited information at affordable prices. Some are distributed free and some are distributed on a paid basis but remain within an affordable price since the online books certainly do not require bindery. If you need an app that can help you to download up to thousands of books into your mobile device, iBooks is one of the best. If you are an iPhone user, you can download this app from the Apple Store.

From the above explanations can be concluded that the studying applications are very helpful for every student to discipline in learning. But of course it all depends on the personal discipline that each user has. No matter how sophisticated an app is, it will not be useful if it is not operated properly.