Did you know that on average, people management takes up 32% of a sales manager’s time, while information management takes up 26% of their time and administrative responsibilities account for 15% of a sales manager’s time?That’s a lot of time required. 

What if sales managers could implement a tool that could make their lives easier? 

This is where a sales territory management software comes to the rescue. Most of these tools offer characteristics such as real-time visibility, territory mapping, and sales process management.

Top 6 Tools to help you excel in sales territory management

If you don’t know already, a sales mapping software integrates sales data with geolocation. It’s mostly used to design territories by sales managers and field salespeople. 

It also enables companies to map out leads and consumers based on regions.

With improved routes and more effective timetables, these tools aid salespeople in managing their field time more effectively. 

Today, modern workplaces have changed in a way that they are driven by a number of digital trends. With so many tools available in the market, it is of utmost importance that you choose the ideal software for your business.

Here we are about to discuss the 6 tools that will help you excel in Sales Territory Management.

1. Carto

Carto is a technology that transforms geographic data into more efficient delivery routes, strategic shop placements, better behavioral marketing, and more. 

Location data is truly transforming industries and the way business houses operate. Today, location data has become a commercial need. This is where Carto is making a difference.

Its territory optimization tools help turn location data into insights that help to improve behavioral marketing, strategic retail placements, optimized delivery routes, and asset maximization.

It allows users to understand the occurrence of key trends and the reasons behind them, enhance business processes, and forecast future events.


Here are some of the most prominent features that this app offers: 

  • Leverages the power of Spatial Data Science, which allows Data Scientists, Analysts, and Developers to address spatial challenges utilizing the software’s in-built data and analysis mechanisms.
  • Has both beginner-friendly and advanced user interfaces.
  • Facilitates the effective analysis and communication of data.
  • Offers a number of interactive functions to improve your mapping efforts.


The individual plan of Carto starts at $199 per user per month. The software also has an Enterprise version, which can be customized according to the users’ requirements. 


The next software on our list is SPOTIO. 

SPOTIO Territory Management software enables sales managers to manage their employees more efficiently and precisely while simultaneously maximizing contact rates. 

It allows managers to create territories based on ZIP codes or street names in a neighborhood.

Using this app, individual sales reps can be assigned operational territories, which eliminates the need for salespeople to manually go around looking for the appropriate neighborhood to find business prospects.


  • Offers comprehensive historical data that allows sales management teams to coach their sales staff to success.
  • Comes with advanced reporting and statistical functionalities.
  • Has an in-built Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and contact management feature.
  • Its calendar management function allows users to sync all information related to schedules and meetings.
  • Provides a wide range of templates for email, texts, and calls.
  • Comes with various task automation features to provide a seamless experience.


The Team version of the software costs $39 per month per user, while its Business version is priced at $69 per month per user. On the other hand, SPOTIO Pro is priced at $129 per month per user.

3. Sales Cloud

If you know Salesforce, then you would also probably know about their Sales Cloud platform. 

Sales Cloud is a state-of-the-art cloud application platform that helps you manage your entire sales process.

Sales Cloud considers customer privacy as its top priority. Consequently, the platform provides a set of controls that helps sales managers to manage the lifetime of customer data as well as track end users’ consent and choices.


  • Unifies your customer interactions across various systems, apps, and divisions, offering you a unified view of the customer data.
  • Has been built with an AI (Artificially Intelligent) mechanism that processes data automatically to provide rapid insights.
  • Comes with a number of predictive forecasting tools.
  • Offers some of the most advanced reporting and dashboard features.


Sales Cloud is available in four variants. The Essentials version is priced at $25 per month per user, while the Professional variant costs $75 per month per user. In contrast, Sales Force’s Enterprise costs $150 per month per user and its Unlimited variant is priced at $300 per month per user.

4. eSpatial

If you are looking for territory management software with all the modern features and exceptional customer support, then eSpatial might be a particularly interesting choice for you. 

eSpatial offers some of the most amazing functionalities within its premium app. They also have a mobile version available that makes territory sales management convenient to carry out.

Before you choose eSpatial, it’s worth noting that the tool is only meant to work with Salesforce. 

It’s a good choice if you need a sales mapping tool that would interface with your existing CRM.


  • Converts spreadsheet data into understandable graphs and maps.
  • Offers include the generation of heat maps and proximity assessments.
  • Helps you better manage your staff, sales activity, resources, as well as field operations.
  • Allows you to seamlessly visualize and analyze various layers of data.


eSpatial pricing starts at $1,495 per year for its eMapping version. On the other hand, the eRouting version of the software is priced at $2,995 per year.

5. Yellowfin

Accompanied with a modern state-of-the-art Business Intelligence (BI) infrastructure, Yellowfin makes it easier for organizations to keep their data secure, manage the analytics environment, and maintain control as they scale up their operations. This particular tool gives power to data admins.

Yellowfin is designed for decision-makers. It helps them successfully combine the powers of data storytelling, automation, and collaboration, thanks to the tool’s spectacular action-based dashboards.

Yellowfin could prove to be the go-to solution for your sales team if you’re seeking a mapping software that’s not only simple to use and has a clear user interface (UI) but also comes with advanced features. 

This tool is particularly helpful for those with an acumen for data analytics. Also, for those who simply want to get an excellent analytical experience, Yellowfin should be the go-to application for them.


  • Allows users to integrate action-based dashboards and automated data discovery.
  • Provides advanced data storytelling functionalities.
  • Comes with a simple and intuitive UI, enabling people with little IT knowledge to operate the application with ease.
  • Offers machine learning-based predictive models.
  • Thelocation intelligence feature enables users to generate reports and panels with appropriate maps.
  • Supports predictive analytics and Big Data processing technologies like UDF, R, and Spark
  • Allows users to connect numerous data sources together.


To learn about Yellowfin pricing, one must contact the company’s sales team.

6. Xactly Alignstar

Last, but not least, on our today’s list is Xactly Alignstar. 

Using this particular software, salespeople can automate and optimize their territory management efforts. This particular tool allows sales operations teams to create sales territories and divide a geographic area into manageable chunks.

Xactly AlignStar helps companies map, optimize, analyze, align, and realign their territories. This cloud-based sales territory mapping system allows sales professionals to boost productivity and uncover new opportunities by automating and optimizing territory design and planning.

The software helps visualize sales potential and boosts data analytics by applying comprehensive market insights to each territory. Sales teams can display customer and prospect data using a map-based interface, allowing them to focus on territories that showcase the best sales potential.


  • Can visualize data generated from customers and business prospects.
  • Assists salespeople to identify business possibilities and focus on those locations that show higher sales potential with the help of advanced analytics feature.
  • Comes with a plethora of advanced features such as modeling, analytics & reporting, interactive map-based interface, analysis of ‘What-if’ scenarios, and lasso tool that helps to quickly adjust territories on the map.


You need to reach out to Xactly Alignstar’s sales team to know about its pricing model.


Maintaining salesperson equity, increasing profitability, and lowering expenses are all significant and interconnected aspects of sales management.

You may have the best lead generation software for an enterprise sales team, but if you are unable to correctly analyze the data and act accordingly, you might end up leaving a lot of money on the table. The approach of “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t quite work in the sales aspect of a business.

If the balance is off, sales management is almost certain to lose money. This is why implementing a sales territory management software has become so important in the modern era.