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A result-driven organization mostly resembles well-oiled machinery. To advance and carry out its function, several departments collaborate, which ultimately increases business profit. This machine’s cogwheel that is under the most stress is the Human Resources Department. 

Automating time-consuming, manual HR tasks is one of the best methods to make sure it runs smoothly. Investing in suitable HR management software is the wise course of action to reduce manual tasks.

Smart firms don’t have time to repeat the same time-consuming procedures or perform simple and repetitive HR works by hand. The best HR management software in Nigeria will help you in managing every aspect of the HR department.

An HR management software system handles a wide range of functions, from performance management to automated recruitment. If you are looking for a top HR management in Nigeria, here is the list: 


SeamlessHR is an HR software that aids in streamlining the HR division of your company. It is an flexible, intuitive, modern and secure, cloud-based HRMS (Human Resource management system). 

Using this cutting-edge end-to-end HRMS, you may efficiently expand your business and get assistance with everything from hiring to retiring. SeamlessHR believe that one should focus on what’s important while running a business. Their aim is to help businesses to turn their manual paper processed HR to an easy paperless one.

Important features

  • Centralized data
  • Analysis and reports
  • Complying with the law
  • Manage HR operations with automation
  • Control payroll
  • Monitor output 
  • Oversee hiring

2.TalentUp Africa

It is an all-encompassing human resources technology firm based in Nigeria. It aims to redefine human resources procedures and methods throughout Africa.

Organizations may streamline their hiring procedures by using TalentUp Africa HR software solutions to identify, discover, and hire qualified employees more quickly. These systems also enable managers to track candidates recruiting journeys.

TalentUp Africa, in contrast to other recruitment agencies, uses only automated software technologies to streamline hiring procedures.

Important features

  • Give recruiters access to a single platform.
  • Using the talent pool function, recruiters can look for, identify, and hire from a pool of talented individuals.
  • An automated tracking system saves time and effort by automatically screening through hundreds of CVs to find the best candidates for interviews. With the help of an integrated machine learning system, recruiters may effectively screen a large number of resumes.
  • Recruiters have access to the HR collaboration, which helps them manage team member workflow and expedite the hiring process.


Remita, PayLink.NG, and HumanManager are three of SystemSpec’s software products. Their goal is to create software solutions for financial management and HR management. SystemSpecs has established itself as a pioneer in the African software sector after nearly three decades in the business. 

SystemSpecs is one of the top HR software in Nigeria, as it is used by 20,000 businesses (both small and large) and has more than 1,000,000 customers.

Important features 

  • Simple payroll management 
  • Time & Attendance paid calculations
  • Control employee lending
  • End-to-End Payment
  • Obtain comprehensive Payroll Analytics
  • Information system for employees
  • Leave supervision
  • An integrated learning aid for users
  • Dependable Performance Reporting
  • Analysis of Performance


The Time and Management System, or TAMS for short, is essentially a tool for intelligently tracking attendance. A variety of human resources management services are available with this biometric cloud-based system. 

The system is capable of handling practically any kind of employee benefits. Its fully integrated approach to attendance tracking gives you the tools you need to manage your workforce with ease. More than 1000 businesses and 100,000+ employees receive assistance from Tams.

Important features 

  • Flexible hours of work
  • Control Difficult Shift Scheduling
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Constant customer service
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Worker Self-Service
  • Biometric authentication, sixth
  • Email Notifications


Accur8HR is a cloud-based HRIS that is integrated into a Microsoft Azure system to handle current business challenges. The platform is designed specifically for the needs of the Nigerian market. It provides a range of distinctive and affordable technological goods and services that help Nigerian enterprises realize their commercial objectives.

Important features 

  • Performance Monitoring Solutions
  • Payroll Alternatives
  • Cloud Services
  • Automation Interface
  • Constant Support
  • Flexible and durable

8.Prime Payroll

PrimePayroll is a business cloud solution for managing payroll and human resources. In the day-to-day management of their businesses, many corporations still struggle with payroll management and HR issues. Furthermore, the initial costs associated with buying and setting up payroll systems, and the necessary infrastructure setup, can be financially challenging.

Handling your payroll and HR administration, their payroll system gives you the freedom and flexibility needed to expand your company. Their customer service engineers are skilled and prepared to help you if you run into problems or get stuck.

PrimePayroll is secure, effective, and easy to use with no upfront costs. From the convenience of your Internet-enabled PC or mobile device, you can access their services.

Important features 

  • Employee loan and leave management.
  • Management of employee information.
  • Automated processes.
  • Added general features.
  • Constant online and mobile assistance.Assurances of a secure system.


Any organization’s HR Managers can streamline time-consuming and repetitive operations with the help of Attendee HRM. It is a user-friendly human resource management system.

The HR company is focused on serving small and medium-sized enterprises. It offers services including payroll management, time and attendance, an assessment system, personnel management, and shift management. The CRM enables you to easily handle leads, appointments, and customer communications.

Important features

  • Performance management and centralized personnel data.
  • Employer search and applicant tracking
  • A time and attendance system that syncs with payroll automatically
  • A calendar to keep track of future deadlines and the dates that your employees took vacations.
  • Control the rights and privileges granted to workers

8.Magnet consulting group

Magnet Consulting Associates Limited (MCAL), as the top supplier of trustworthy business solutions for SMEs and large companies, offers HR management software. 

MCAL provides top-notch, simple, intuitive, end-to-end IT and business solutions ranging from Accounting, Payroll, and HR management processes. They offer solutions for large corporations and small/medium enterprises (SMEs) with the awareness of creating a competitive edge. 

Over the past ten years, they have worked to create solutions and procedures that are simpler for their partners. As a result, they have established themselves in the business technology market as a reliable supplier of HR management software solutions for both small and large organizations. 

Important features 

  • Access control and security audit 
  • Financial software integrity audit throughout the software.
  • A review of the network and server platforms
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Database assessment audit
  • Solutions for accounting, real estate, and treasury
  • Solutions for risk management
  • Flexible answers
  • High caliber
  • 1User-friendly
  • Cloud computing