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Regardless of their sizes or the kinds of businesses they deal with, all business organizations can use point-of-sale software. A POS system allows you to save time, avoid data duplication, boost productivity, and deliver accurate inventory, ordering, and reporting with excellent CRM results. Point-of-sale software is essential to the business world and managing and conducting business would be impossible without one. Thus, point-of-sale systems form the foundation of Saudi Arabian companies. Computers and peripherals are the primary elements required for point-of-sale software to function successfully. 

The point-of-sale software system is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows. Every platform is supported by point-of-sale software, making user interaction with computers simple and helpful. The point of sale system must include features like bar code scanning, customer account profiles, discount management, customer relationship management, E-commerce, inventory management, order management, retail management, sales tracking, touch screens, human resource management, production planning, promotion out & feedback, and all other organizations processes. How a point of sale system maintains data records, monitors sales and purchases, produces reports for analysis, and creates strategic plans to meet business objectives. Here is some of the top POS Software in Saudi Arabia which is listed below:

List of top POS Software:

1. PosBytz:

PosBytz is a point-of-sale solution that restaurants, convenience stores, and retail companies may use to manage orders, payments, deliveries, and inventories on a cloud-based platform. Without an internet connection, administrators can set up individual accounts for staff members, assign roles and permissions based on preferences, generate sales or cash reports, and bill clients through the programme. With a tablet-enabled waiter application, restaurant managers can use the table management module to track dine-in operations in real time and distribute costs among guests.

Purchase order management, inventory reports, kitchen order printing, location-based discounts, customer database, employee administration, and other features are among PosBytz’s features. Retailers can use predetermined design templates to create brand-specific online ordering WebPages. PosBytz makes it simple to integrate with numerous third-party aggregators. It enables administrators to set up various payment methods, including cash, cheques, cashless transactions, gift cards, and credit/debit cards.


  • It brings everything together under one roof
  • Using a single platform to manage numerous chain stores
  • Helps with staff management and dining management


TouchBistro is a complete restaurant management platform that assists establishments in running their daily business, boosting sales, and satisfying patrons. This POS platform is quick, dependable, and simple to use. Brands can choose from various ancillary products to enhance their primary point of sale. Controlling capacity, streamlining bookings, and making each guest feel special facilitates the reservation process. Customers can place online takeout orders delivered from the users’ restaurant. For these orders, TouchBistro doesn’t charge a commission.

By creating, ordering, and selling physical and digital gift cards, restaurants may raise their brand recognition and drive revenue. The platform has a loyalty programme that aids users in turning first-time visitors into repeat clients and clients into advocates. Additionally, it offers round-the-clock customer service to assist users whenever needed.


  • An easy-to-use interface makes things easier.
  • Customers can improve their meals from their tables thanks to sophisticated self-ordering.
  • Menu adaptability

3.Toast POS:

Toast is Point of Sale software that enables business owners to lower operating expenses, boost employee productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction. Menu management options provided by Toast POS include setting up the whole menu, including all groups and sub-groups, designing menus separately for online & offline audiences, and adding time-specific pricing for menus like happy hour menus. The software features a restaurant ordering feature that enables taking orders instantly, notifying the server automatically when the order is ready, and sharing bills and menu items among clients.

In addition to quick service restaurants, fine dining establishments, coffee shops, bakeries, pizza franchises, and breweries & bars, the programme also serves the demands of many other outlets. By providing features like pay at the table, tipping servers directly from tablets, emailing receipts or printing them through integration with an external printer, and converting payments into loyalty points redeemable on subsequent visits, the solution makes payments simpler for customers and business owners.


  • Flexibility when managing the menu
  • Dashboard with simple navigation
  • Effective usability


For business owners running restaurants, cafes, or food trucks, Foodics is a point-of-sale restaurant management system. The company’s objective is to develop an entire ecosystem for restaurant management that will allow owners to manage their operations smoothly and expand their companies. Its goal is to provide restaurant and business owners with an all-inclusive cloud-based point-of-sale solution to improve their operations.

From traditional dine-in restaurants, cafés, quick-service restaurants, and bakeries to cloud kitchens and non-food micro-retailers, Foodics serves every aspect of the F&B industry. One of the most promising SaaS firms to come out of the MENA region, it has successfully handled over 6 billion orders through the platforms.


  • All the data is gathered on a single dashboard using sales data automation.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Greatest client service

5.Aloha EPOS:

A cloud-based electronic point-of-sale system called Aloha is intended to help bars and restaurants manage every aspect of their operations, including bookings, seating arrangements, tableside services, employee rosters, payments, and more. Managers can design unique floor plans using the platform’s real-time updates on wait times and available seating capacity. With the help of the kitchen automation system that comes with Aloha, customers may manage table rotations, order fulfillment timeframes, food quality, menu and recipe displays, and special orders. Among the features are drill-down analysis, sales projection, payroll data export, supplier communication, fraud prevention, automated suggestions, and other features.

The barcode label scanning feature of the inventory management system helps users keep tabs on stock levels, spot cost variations, and track missing items. Additionally, the technology enables managers to plan tailored marketing campaigns across numerous locations with invitations sent via email and SMS, rewards, savings, and gift cards. A real-time reporting feature in Aloha enables users to receive notifications in real-time regarding customer reviews, inventory levels, and social media mentions.


  • Pleasant user interface
  • Servers are simple to use.
  • Customer loyalty schemes are accessible.


With its user-friendly, dependable, and expandable restaurant software in Saudi Arabia, POSist assists companies in increasing revenue, entertaining customers, integrating with aggregators, and automating processes. The commercial edition of Saudi Arabia’s POSist restaurant management software offers additional capabilities like multi-store management and inventory control. To speed up payments at the point of sale, it enables businesses to arrange products by category, type, sale, and other factors. 

The system can also integrate logistics and delivery services to provide real-time updates and order fulfillment. Users can design loyalty programmes that award points for qualifying purchases and use email marketing and targeted promotions to interact with customers.


  • Access Regulations and Permits
  • Integrating Accounting
  • Activity Monitor
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Scannable barcodes and tickets


Online ordering software called Harbortouch POS was created to assist retailers in managing orders, reservations, inventory, payments, and reporting. Administrators can improve front, and back office communication flows by using kitchen display systems. Managers can manage waitlists on the platform, split and move checks between tables, and make consignments. To pay their bills, customers can use mobile devices to scan QR codes at hotels, restaurants, and retail establishments.

Hairstylists can handle online reservations, booth rentals, appointments, and more with Harbortouch POS thanks to a streamlined user interface. Based on the sales KPIs for various job shifts, managers can also give bonuses and commissions to staff. Harbortouch POS provides stakeholders with a unified dashboard to view real-time insights into sales, products, labour expenses, stock levels, and purchase orders. Operators can also interface the system with several other services to handle delivery operations.


  • Management of Appointments
  • Scannable barcodes and tickets
  • Invoicing & Billing
  • Commission Control


Invoices, cash, taxes, online payments, billing, staff, and more may all be managed by bars, coffee shops, restaurants, hair salons, and other businesses using the point of sale software Orderlyze. Organizations can use the cash register system to add, remove, or change products, pricing, and comments creating invoices and cancelling orders. Restaurants can manage floor plans, view and add tables, add or remove products across hierarchies, and collect payments thanks to Orderlyze’s table management capability.

Businesses can create, plan, and arrange appointments on an integrated calendar thanks to its built-in reservation feature. Many other capabilities are available, including customer management, data synchronization, inventory and menu management, data export, drag-and-drop functionality, and more. Users can split bills, create and view invoices, and split bills using Orderlyze’s billing management feature. 


  • Integrating Accounting
  • Accounts of Clients
  • Discount Control
  • Employee Administration

Summing it up:

It enables you to manage one or more stores and numerous warehouses. For each store, you can create several users. For managing multi-chain supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses, they have synchronous modules that can be used with any hardware and have online or offline user interfaces. Retail POS registers can continue to work even when there is no Internet connection, store data locally, and sync back to the cloud when one is restored, allowing you to continue making sales in any circumstance, even in connectionless locations. These technologies aid in streamlining the selling procedure in all commercial endeavours and the administration’s ability to devote time and effort to monitoring store sales and progress reports. Additionally, the system aids in channel control for sales.