Over these years, Python seems to have created a lot of buzz across the globe. Despite of its popularity, have you wondered why it has failed to penetrate enterprise development and still regarded as an alternative scripting language?

Being one of the fastest growing open source programming languages and being widely used across domains in building mission-critical applications as well as forms the base for a variety of high-end publication website across industries like air traffic control, feature-length movie animation, and shipbuilding. Are you planning to ride the digital wave, smart enterprises require to invest in enterprise application development services that aids in boosting their financial operations, improving their employees’ productivity, and managing their resources keeping the top efficiency in mind.

Reasons behind the Popularity of Python

If you are seeking around for a high level, interpreted and general-purpose dynamic programming language? If so, Python has to be on the list. Mainly focusing on code reliability, the language comprises of such syntax that has helped programmers to do coding in fewer steps compared to Java or C++. Founded in 1991, Python incorporates a comprehensive range of standard library with automatic memory management and dynamic features. Down below I would like to mention a few reasons that must be taken into account for enterprise software development even though it is rarely seen on the client side of a web application.

  • Highly Scalable-  Being incredibly versatile in nature; the language aids well when it comes to handling a wide range of tasks that includes supporting several programming paradigms. This not only includes the procedural or the functional ones but also an object-centered ones. More importantly, the developers are now able to code the functions ASAP and create scripts on a large scale- all thanks to its accessible approach. So far, I have come across many of you who have this misconception that it does use anything special or any different language to build a solution. But in actual sense, it does not use anything extra ingredients that allows Python developers to come up with something intimidating. In fact, you will find an immediate reduction in the development costs. And in case, if the scale is increased, there won’t be any corresponding increment in development time.
  • Supportive libraries– These days developers using Python have easy access to numerous libraries. As a result, they are able to use the modules especially the tried and tested ones. As a result, without compromising with the features and quality one can easily develop a software at a faster pace. Certain libraries to take into account include
  • Pandas
  • Numpy
  • Keras
  • Tensorflow
  • Fast Prototyping is possible– Mainly known for its rapid development speed, Python is considered as the best of all where the viability is of prime importance. With the help of the programing language, switching from prototype to a solution becomes a hassle-free journey. As a professional you won’t be losing any previous work especially when you are moving ahead from the prototype phase.
  • Extensive Open Source Environment– What if I say that being a Python developer you get to enjoy a vast plethora of free tools that have been proven handy while developing different projects. Right from working on GUI interfaces, data science to web development, game development, image processing, and computer vision, etc. Also, the package index is available with an enriched ecosystem of tools, which is crucial for the development speed using the language. The developers can benefit from the modules that are ready to use, soothing the development process.
  • Ideal for businesses– Reasons are many, for instance, the code-light nature that helps professionals to get greater in depth in quick time, ensuring a shorter product development cycle. Apart from this, it is a good resource when thinking about creating a prototype in a short span of time. As I said before, the programming language is versatile and handles the possible challenges that can trouble your software in the future. Using Python, developers can ensure high quality in the tools, thanks to its additional libraries.

Author Bio

Tony Stark is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Tatvasoft Australia provides custom software development services. It is a mobile app and web development company located in Sydney and Melbourne. He loves to share his knowledge and experience through articles. He spends his time reading about new technology and watches videos too.