Whether you’re a one-man startup or an established business with numerous employees, increasing efficiency and reducing costs is critical to be competitive. And if your company hasn’t “gone digital,” you are already behind. But what does going digital really mean?

For some, embracing digital technology is all about staying relevant. It’s about building a brand online, engaging at deeper levels with prospects and customers, and otherwise making the most of an online presence. For others, it means implementing the latest technology and digital services to streamline all aspects of the business for a better ROI. It means more automated processes, targeted marketing, and better customer service. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most proven business software for productivity, communications, human resources, marketing, and customer service to get you started.

Productivity Software for Business


You can use this productivity software on your computer, tablet, and phone. When creating content, Evernote lets you grab snippets of info from the internet, create reminders, and track projects on a calendar. At its core, it is a simple note-taking app where you can store all kinds of important information. Evernote syncs across devices, so it’s easy to simply note the information you want to capture from the device at hand. 


Owners and managers take on a range of roles and responsibilities in startups and small businesses. Trello is a productivity program that lets users create tasks, map out the relevant steps, and assign responsibility for those steps. Think of the app as a group task-board that gives a business a real-time view of progress and accomplishments that can make whole groups more productive. 


Adia is an on-demand business staffing platform aimed at disrupting the staffing industry. Be it warehouses, manufacturing and production facilities, or hospitality businesses, Adia gives you full visibility into your workforce and a significantly larger worker pool.

Software Solutions for Business Communications


Using Slack is like having a branded, instant messaging platform. Simply create your channel, invite team members, and start organizing. Slack supports file sharing and integrates with Google Docs and many other applications. This business communication software works across multiple devices and web-based platforms and offers group communications and one-on-one conversations. 


Skype is a web-based communications application that has become a popular business tool across the world. Developed by Microsoft, Skype supports virtual communication through a range of channels. From broadcasting business meetings and video conferencing to file sharing and whiteboard collaboration, Skype keeps communications organized and productive. 

Software for Human Resources Organization


People is web-based software that increases efficiency and saves time. It includes an applicant tracker, an authorization log, paid leave calculator, 24-hour timesheets, expense log, and more. This HR software makes it easy to automate repetitive tasks like sending welcome emails and scheduling onboarding. From recruiting to managing employees, People organizes and automates HR efforts.  


This aptly-named HR software is all about helping businesses hire the right person for the job. Business owners and managers can perform background checks, assess skills, and verify education using a smartphone. This application pre-screens prospective employees, creates FCRA-compliant reports, and features an intuitive user portal for applicants and businesses.  

Business Accounting Software


Freshbooks is cloud-based accounting software that offers extensive customization for invoicing—a feature especially important for service-based businesses. This financial software sends, receives, prints, and even pays invoices in addition to providing a comprehensive bookkeeping system. From the application’s user-friendly interface to third-party integration, Freshbooks makes it easy to keep business finances organized. 


Quickbooks is an integrated bookkeeping solution that streamlines accounting processes. The software handles input from bank accounts, online payment apps, and other platforms. A company can track its financial status with real-time reports like sales and expenses and manage payroll and invoicing processes. Quickbooks makes organizing revenue and expenses simple and easy—especially at tax time.  

Organize Sales and Marketing Efforts with CRM Software


Salesforce is one of the leading CRM tools for small and large businesses because of its comprehensive suite of services. Primarily a cloud-based CRM solution helping companies fill their sales funnels and convert leads, Salesforce also offers enterprise solutions for marketing automation, application development, and analytics. The software’s flexibility makes it a smart choice for businesses at any stage of development. 


Any business that wants to learn more about CRM solutions will find it easy with HubSpot. This web-based sales and marketing platform is ideal for entrepreneurs and businesses that have little experience working with CRM software. HubSpot may not be the most feature-rich CRM software out there, but it offers something that might be more valuable—an extensive, in-depth library of online training content that helps businesses do much more than just implement a CRM program. 

Software for Personalized Customer Service


Zendesk makes it simple to provide superior customer service. This cloud-based customer service solution solves issues quickly across a range of platforms, including text, website, mobile app, phone, social media, and email channels. The software is easy to learn and simple to use, and its ability to lower support costs while increasing customer satisfaction is invaluable. 


InterCom is very specific in its approach. For businesses with a wide Internet presence that includes websites, landing pages, and social media platforms, the need for on-demand customer service is on the rise. The solution? Add a live chat function to business websites and other platforms to fulfill that demand. InterCom’s narrow focus provides broad results. Businesses can interact directly with prospects, provide customer support, and receive valuable feedback with the click of a button. 

Businesses in the digital world need software that can handle routine tasks quickly and accurately. From personal productivity to human resource management, adopting digital technology like automation tools and business software makes life easier for businesses, employees, and customers.