Why you need to post:

Statistics says that 77% of companies are engagging customers using their blog post and 81% of the buyer decision made by the information and advice of blogger. This means if you are a marketer, you should be a blogger.

What we can do it for you:

This website feed is connected with more than 75 social networking websites and more than 50 nitch social media group and community which has more than million users. Once you posted in this website, your post will be shared to all of socia media group, profiles and connections. We will also do a priodical promotion of your blog and software product based onhigh preference.

Its all free:

You are free to post information about your software
Free promotion to all social networing site
Customer can reviews and comments about content
All enquiries from your post

What feature is paid?

Yes, We do also have paid advetisement with cool features. if you want to advertise with us Email: [email protected]