As technology is advancing, services are becoming advanced every day. Hotel management is no different from any other organizational management as it involves many functions revolving around staff co-ordination, room reservations, room services, billing and booking. Increasing customer satisfaction and providing a luxurious guest experience is of utmost importance for a successful hotel business. This calls for a large amount of manpower, which at times may fail to reach expectations, and beyond. Maintaining a proper hotel management software, where all of the transactions, guest stays, inventory information and customer data is stored and processed is a good start to maintaining high standards on a constant basis. When hoteliers are on the lookout to solve their management issues, they look for an efficient cost management system that puts an end to all their business worries. An Indian based company called Winsar Insoft Pvt. Ltd., gave hoteliers a helping hand in providing them with a brilliant hotel management system called WINHMS Enterprise.

WINHMS Software

WINHMS comes with software designed for various purposes. It consists of modules relating to front office, back office, material management, point-of-sale and HR functions. WINHMS has proved to be a game changer in the hotel industry as all the data and functions are coordinated effectively with software. Every organization calls for generating reports, analysis and keeping track of the business from time to time.  Features like Payroll, Banquet services, Purchase and Inventory management are an addition to a software service that gives it all. With a plethora of management services provided under one roof, WINHMS is the right option for any hotel that requires an organized way of carrying out business.

A Software For All Businesses

The advantage of WINHMS software is that the tool is designed for all types and sizes of hotels. The WINHMS tool consists of four software modules based on the size of hotels, allowing hoteliers to manage their business more efficiently.


This Software tool is specifically designed for small hotels and apartments that consist of 5-10 rooms. This property management software comes with features pertaining to small hotel rooms that require lesser management and cheaper price ranges. With its affordable price package, WINHMS Light is suitable for small business owners who wish to save a few dollars.


By simplifying and easing the process of hotel management, this enterprise resource planning solution is developed to meet the needs of small hotels and resorts. Increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction, WINHMS Express manages reservations, booking and guest experience.


With increase in the size of hotels, comes increase in the size of business management and services. For a hotel with 50-100 rooms, WINHMS offers a wide range of features that include inventory management, sales and marketing, accounting, bookings and reservations, house keeping and maintenance and other useful features.


This software is an unlimited tool that has numerous features pertaining to hotel management. Managing hotels with more than 100 rooms requires extremely high maintenance and customer relationship management. Built for large hotels and international chain hotels, unlimited availability of hotel operations management and reporting systems makes WINHMS one of the best software to opt for.


Establishing a hotel is one thing, but maintaining its stand in the market? It’s a whole other requirement of business skills. WINHMS provides multiple features not only to attract customers, but also to retain them. A successful hotel business requires constant flawless maintenance and management. A few tasks may be performed manually, but when a hotel grows to become established, finances, accounts and other facilities have to be taken care of by an automated tool. Serving 1300+ clients and used in more than 20 countries, WINHMS offers a number of features that can benefit hotels in many ways:


WINHMS automates all essential functions from financing, accounting and marketing to sales and operations at the property level. Due to its automated features, WINHMS handles large volume of transactions and data with ease.


WINHMS offers both email as well as telephonic support to assist hoteliers on their needs and requirements.


Designed to suit the needs of all types and sizes of hotels, WINHMS provides services for the changing needs of the hotels. With better guest experience comes increased revenue and WINHMS aims for the same.

Lesser Resources

The need to set up software requires large databases and servers. For WINHMS, only one database and a server are required for all types of software products available.

Cost Cutting Advantages

With faster and precise calculations, the processing time as well as man power is reduced to a large extent. Automated data manipulation helps eradicate manual work, thereby reducing cost. Audit reports stop unnecessary expenses and finds loops and holes to revenues. By highlighting revenue changes, cost cutting strategies are calculated and narrowed down to reduce costs.


WINHMS contributes to multiple factors influencing hotel management. This includes:

  • Enhancing Profit
  • Cost Optimization
  • Better Guest Experience
  • Better ERP Solutions
  • Increased Business Intelligence
  • Better Reporting and Analysis
  • Travel Benefits for Customers
  • Complete Sales and Marketing Support


The hospitality industry is growing exponentially in the upcoming years, WINHMS is an excellent hotel management software that caters to all of your business needs. Known as an integrated ERP, it is an innovative technology that helps with better hotel management and servicing. WINHMS offers a variety of business partnership programs to connect with hotels on a variety of levels. Started in 2001, WINHMS continues to offer well-established infrastructure facilities for hotels across the globe.


From inventory management to call monitoring, WINHMS is a know-it-all software that co-ordinates guest experiences as well as hotel services. Buying multiple tools for your hotel management, from accounting software to CRMs may drill a hole in your pocket as well as on your management. Having a solution for finance management, procurement, HR, Banquet optimization and more in one platform is less strenuous on the management.

The success of a hotel requires proper planning. Detailed arrangements for the day, from menu creation to specialized services are a necessity. Paying attention to both employees as well as customers is key to a successful hotel management. WINHMS computerizes all functional requirements of your hotel. Are you a hotelier who is on the lookout for a good hotel management software? What are you waiting for?