Gone are the times where teams had to rely on human memory and emails to organize multiple projects. This can eventually lead to a lot of disasters which can affect the productivity of a company. In order to meet the deadlines and keep to the budget, teams must gather information, be consistent with their daily tasks and require constant communication with each other.

Project management software come as a handy tool for teams doing multiple projects that requires frequent tracking. They provide real-time workspaces for team members and outside partners for working and collaborating on projects. By providing an overview of the project as well as minute details about the daily work being done, it helps handle problems that may arise in the future. These products also help companies manage the resources they have. By generating analytic reports, they give the team head an insight into each team member’s work. They can also automatically reschedule the task if the deadline is not met.

With all these benefits, it is no surprise that many modern companies are embracing this type of software. In this article, we will be comparing and contrasting five best cloud project management software.

5 cloud Project management software


Wrike is the online project management software that was designed to improve work performance in terms of speed and efficiency among co-located and distributed groups. The flexibility provided by this software enables the teams to collaborate, share and get things done in an effective manner. With just a few clicks, it helps you schedule, prioritize and keep track of the progress in real time.

Overview of features:

  •    An interactive timeline through Gantt charts
  •    Time-tracking
  •    Task management
  •    Real-time newsfeed
  •    Integration with emails, google docs and Dropbox
  •    iPhone and Android applications

Benefits of using Wrike:

  • It offers a single hub for all your work and has a user-friendly environment which makes it simple to work on the system.
  • Also, it provides high security which allows only authorized users to access important information.
  • With mobile applications, you can track your project anytime anywhere!
  • To help you organize data, Wrike gives you the unique feature which has tags and folders that enable you to sort data and group it into different folders without duplication.
  • The activity stream widget in the dashboard will show your work as well as the other member’s progress. Through this, the project managers will get a bigger picture as well as micro details.
  • It also helps generate an analytics report by a time-graph to show the stakeholders and the higher executives. The graph will estimate individual time work pace and will give an overview of how the projects are coming along against the deadline.

2. Asana

Asana is one of the most popular project management software that facilitates communication and collaboration. You can create tasks within the project and asana will let you keep track of each task. Asana eliminates the need for using third-party apps like emails and drives and creates a good workflow in its own dashboard. Sharing, uploading attachments, and organizing tasks are made easy. This software is known for satisfying customer expectations due to its strong technical team.

Overview of features:

  •    Multiple workspaces
  •    Notifications and reminders
  •    Real-time updates
  •    Activity Feed
  •    Project authentication
  •    Comment on tasks

Benefits of using asana:

  • Asana allows the users to track the project from initiation until completion and generates detailed analytic reports which specify the workload of every member.
  • The platform enables the users to discuss the progress, share it, comment upon it and all the conversations are stored in the team pages. Thanks to the email notifications, it keeps the team members together.
  • Another important feature of asana is the smart box. Instead of tons of spam mail where one might miss out on the important emails, the smart box will only allow important project messages and also convert them into actionable tasks.
  • Team head holds the authority to assign permissions to each team members to access a specific part of the project.
  • Team members will have access to private and group conversations where they can voice their opinion.

3. Clarizen

Clarizen is an enterprise-grade solution that connects project management and social engagement by combining all the essential features that will boost performance. The tool is widely embraced as its easy and faster to use.  It provides a single solution that offers a well-defined work structure by simply connecting tasks and other assignments. Even non-members can have access to the software to participate in advance project management phases.

Overview of features:

  •    Risk Management
  •    File Sharing
  •    Scheduling
  •    Professional Services Management
  •    Issue Tracking
  •    Workforce Management
  •    Executive Dashboards
  •    Real-time team updates
  •    Multilanguage
  •    Mobile applications for iPhone and Android.

Benefits of using Clarizen:

  • Teams enjoy a friendly and customizable user interface. As a result, workdays become more effective and efficient.
  • The new version has an advanced list of mobile formatting options as well as improved data analysis.
  • Administration in clarizen is extremely simple.  All modules are displayed on a single navigation and the user is able to toggle between six different views. 
  • It provides flexible business operations. All the updates will take place on its own and one doesn’t need to put the project on hold just because of a new update. It will take place similar to a background activity.
  • The security system of clarizen has been improving ever since its first version. There is no section without any security measures.

4. Jira

Jira is another effective project management tool that is suited for application developers as it covers all the aspects from initiation until deployment. With the application’s advanced workflow engine, you can easily adapt to a fitting process. At the moment, Jira is used by top brands like Spotify, Cisco, eBay and LinkedIn. Your team members can use Jira to plan, track and deploy in an efficient manner.

Overview of features:

  •    Polished user experience
  •    Powerful and customizable workflow
  •    Unlimited custom fields
  •    Bugs and defect management
  •    Seamless source and issue integration
  •    Powerful search and filtering
  •    Advanced reporting
  •    Customizable dashboards and wallboard

Benefits of Jira

  • Jira collects all the information and stores it in a single hub and provides access to it at any point in time.
  • It is ideal for large teams working on a particular product as it comes with native mobile apps that keep android and ios users connected.
  • It is projected as an agile system, able to meet the needs of different niches and industries.
  • The feature of instant email notifications will not allow the team members to miss out on anything at any point in time.

5. Trello

Trello is one of the leading user-friendly project management applications that categorizes and tracks projects in an efficient way. It uses the concept of boards for each team member and the cards represent the tasks. The drag and drop functionality is very useful when assigning tasks.

Overview of features:

  •    drag and drop functionality
  •    in-line editing
  •    checklists, with a progress meter
  •    easy uploading of files and attachments
  •    data filtering
  •    archiving of card records (e.g. comments and changes)
  •    deadline reminders

Benefits of using Trello:

  •    Trello is simple to use. The card system contains all possible information about a task and allows the addition of deadlines and attachments. The drag and drop facility will allow moving a card from one board to another.
  •   Trello is available on both Android and iPhones. Hence it’s accessible anywhere anytime!
  • You will be able to invite as many people. The board is visible to all. Hence one will be able to see everyone’s boards.
  • You will be also able to search what you require through its powerful search and filtering mechanism. Labels also help categorize cards so that it’ll be useful later.
  • Trello keeps your data safe and sound. You have full control over who sees your boards.


ProofHub is a versatile team collaboration and project management software that is designed to simplify complex project management for both in-office and distributed teams of all sizes across various industries. An easy-to-understand tool, ProofHub offers a range of powerful tools in a centralized location, which enables project teams to plan, organize, execute, and collaborate on projects of all sizes to ensure on time project delivery and on point team accountability. 

Overview of features: 

  • Custom fields
  • Online proofing
  • Task management 
  • Timesheets
  • Group chat
  • Real-time updates
  • Kanban boards
  • Scheduling calendar 

Benefits of using ProofHub: 

  • ProofHub offers all tools in a single place, which eliminates the need to use multiple tools 
  • Multilingual interface (11 languages) eliminates language barriers
  • Detailed individual, custom, and project reports that help you analyze project progress and adjust plans accordingly
  • Fixed pricing plans make it an affordable for small teams and businesses 
  • Task management feature enables project managers to create, allocate, and track tasks to individuals and groups in a single location 
  • Custom fields allow you to create and add more fields tailored to your requirements
  • Features like Notes, Group Chat, Online Proofing, Discussions, etc., allow for enhanced team collaboration 
  • Time-tracking tool enables you to set time estimates, add timesheets, and record the time spent on doing different tasks 
  • Mobile app version allows users to access ProofHub and collaborate from any location, any device
  • You can restrict your account access to only those IP addresses that you will select

Final thoughts

Project managing application thus proves to be very useful for companies to track and monitor their team. Now that we have discussed the five best project management applications, their features, and advantages, it is up to you to choose the best one based on your needs and enjoy its benefits!