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How to keep the sales of restaurants up and running during this phase of COVID-19 with the On-demand Apps?

The effects that this COVID-19 pandemic has brought to our life is huge. We all are avoiding human touch,living in self-isolation, and spending our quarantine at home to protect ourselves from this dangerous Coronavirus. But that’s the least we can…

How to Save Your MacBook’s Life: Simple but Awesome Tips for Mac Users

Let’s face and admit it – you can’t live without your MacBook within a day. Yes, Macs are everywhere and help us to do reports, save documents, or even watch an HD movie. You’ll agree that MacBooks become our closest…

Understanding the Importance of API Design and Why It Matters

For tangible products like sportswear, kitchen appliances, or headphones, it’s easy for users to see how good design features make a difference. However, for a software product like an application programming interface, or API, good design elements are invisible to…

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