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iPhone SE 2020 Review – What Apple Changed from Previous Models

In 2020, Apple released the iPhone SE, one of the most exciting smartphones of the past five years. The phone is jam-packed with spectacular features that Apple fans have been waiting for years.At ASK Computers, we find it difficult to…

How the Right Software Solution Can Help You Stay Up to Date with IFRS 17

Given the nature of the financial industry, it is only inevitable that standards and compliance are constantly changing. For banks, insurance firms, and other similar institutions, one of these is IFRS 17, which is set up to take the place…

Top Tools to Help you Nail that Client Pitch

Ask Joe Gebbia, Nathan Blecharczyk, and Brian Chesky about the power of a client pitch.  But who are they? These are the founding members of Airbnb who raised a whopping 600 thousand dollars in seed funding by nailing their 14-slides…

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