School Management means having a secure place to collect and store data, student information, parent’s information and address, attendance records, course materials, mark sheets, reports and more. Finding all the information about anyone and anything, easy drawings of reports, efficiently managing entire school’s admission process and receiving applications centrally are core functionalities of School Management Software. Here are some of the top 7 open source school management software solutions for your school:

1. Fedena

Focusing on handling large records, Fedena is an open source school administration software that offers unlimited administration facilities. This software contains a calendar, HR services, accounting and finance management, exam management, attendance tracking, employee management, course management, faculty messaging services and centralized login pages for students as well as parents.

2. feKara

A school can vary from large number of student population to a small school that just started out. Specially designed for small schools, feKara is an online school management software that manages data on the cloud. From administrations to attendance and exams to report cards or score cards, feKara takes care of it all.

3. SchoolGen

SchoolGen is a web-based application designed for communication between students, parents, teachers and the admin. Designed as a multi-user and a multi-branch centralized education administrative software, SchoolGen is one of the best free open source school management system.

4. Gibbon

Gibbon is a free open source school management tool that is suitable for schools, colleges and any such educational institute. Managing student information, communication between teachers and students, taking care of time and attendance, library management and more, Gibbon is an easy-to-use tool suitable for schools of any size.

5. openSIS

An open source Student Information and Performance System, openSIS is designed to fit any industry level pertaining to educational institutions. A secure and intuitive open source system, openSIS is free to use.

6. RosarioSIS

A free and open-source web-based Student Information System, RosarioSIS is customized to fit school management and administration. Having a multilingual interface and seamless connectivity, RosarioSIS is considered to be the most flexible software available for school management.

7. SchoolTool

An automated school management software, SchoolTool had translation facilities and updates via Ubuntu Linux installer. SchoolTool is an open source web based Student Information System that is designed for schools big and small, providing all school management facilities.