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Every corporate function, school cultural activities, community meetings, wedding events and other sport activities call for event management. There are a lot of event management companies that save time and money by investing in event management software that helps make their work easier. The top 10 free open source event management software available online are listed below:


With a wide range of features, Eventsbot is a free open source event management tool that includes all basic processes like registration, email invites, reminders and more. Eventsbot has payment gateways included like Paypal, where online ticketing, branding and data management becomes easy. Read More


JollyTech has launched a free event management tool that helps attendee registration, ticket booking, technical support and more. EventLeaf helps run event management software online, and lets you pick which feature you want to run on your system offline. Read More


Odoo lets you create your own event pages using their user-friendly platform. Ticket selling and booking has become easier with Odoo. Odoo also allows social media integration and automated emailing. Read More

Event Track

Event Track is a free online event registration platform that is used to register event attendees, send automated email confirmations, send invites and scan barcodes related to the event.


This open source platform is customizable and is user-friendly to an extent that users can register through their mobile phones. This platform allows email confirmations and reminders as well. Read More


Cvent is an event management tool that has been in the market for very long, with respect to registration, venue search and much more. Large events with large pricing can opt for Cvent. Read More

Event Espresso

Event Espresso is a plugin from WordPress that offers event management from the WordPress dashboard. Event Espresso serves as a good event management platform that has a “Decaf” option allowing online registration and more. Read More


From creating customized registration pages, framing email invites, sending email alerts and notifications and ticket booking, Ticketbud is a free open source event management tool that allows easy access to all event management functionalities. Read More


OpenConferenceWare helps with the organization of events by involving members of the area and helping with sharing data. This platform can track, organize, manage, set up user profiles, sessions and more. Read More


A web-based event management software tool, ConfTool supports event planning and organization. ConfTool is an open source system and also offers a free license if needed. Read More