You can utilize an API (Application Programming Interface) to create requests to a distant data set, such as searching a database. Afterward, the response will be returned to your application in a defined format. When designing an app or pulling metrics for reporting, this is highly valuable because it allows you to focus on presenting information in a unique or meaningful way rather than establishing the underlying data set. APIs supplied under the open-source model are treated the same way as any other open source project. Because of their open-source code, they can be valuable additions to a developer’s resource of coding shortcuts. This type of API is for any developer who appreciates free access because many APIs use open-source distribution models and has diverse feature sets. Developers can also create an API’s functionality with the support of everyone in the community for their projects, as open-source projects are typically community-driven. Here you can see about the 10 best open sources of API for developers:


TheMealDB is a recipe database with photos. This is a straightforward API with features such as high-quality transparent PNG ingredients, meal image uploads, meal sequence browsing, and more. TheMealDB began as a cool way to browse recipes on users’ open-source media app forums. This APITrack provides access to an open online database of food meal recipes that can be integrated into applications, websites, and other platforms. The app allows you to view all meals, search for a feed using the available categories, and view all ingredients used to prepare the meal. If you are a developer, you can get started with the test API key of 1. API keys typically take a couple of hours to generate. Once you have completed your app, you can sign up for Patreon and receive an email with your private key.

Moodle API

Moodle is an open-source learning management system (LMS) created to teach social constructionist theories. It is a free online education Management System that permits teachers to make their private website full of active lessons that develop learning anytime and anywhere. This modular PHP system, which aims to personalize learning environments, can benefit educators and students. This API provides functions for Access, Data Manipulation, Navigation, Calendar, Enrollment, Media, and many others.

Moodle can meet your needs as a teacher, student, or administrator. It allows educators to create private websites full of dynamic courses that extend learning anytime and from any location. The Moodle interface is easy to use on desktop and mobile devices because it is responsive and accessible. Educators and students can track their progress and completion using various options for tracking individual activities or resources at the course level.

Open Food Network API

The Open Food Network is a software platform that allows you to sell products over the internet. Farms can use the e-commerce software solution to develop regional food systems by hosting their online shop, monitoring sales statistics, and collaborating with local farmers. With methods for handling items, product variants, photos, orders, shipping, enterprises, taxonomies, users, cookies consent, and more, the Open Food Network API provides programmatic access for Integration.

The Open Food Network is an international grid of individuals and organizations collaborating to create a new food system. Supporting a better food system helps users collaborate and create open and shared resources, knowledge, and software. A food system to be sustainable and resilient, farmers and consumers must be connected. The Open Food Network community has decades of experience helping users operate innovative food businesses with social and environmental goals.

Animal Shelter Manager API

The Animal Shelter Manager is a free and open-source program for running an animal shelter. Track the Animal Shelter Manager API, which combines data about animals, shelters, adoption, and care. It is aimed at animal shelters, rescue organizations, and animal control centers. Animal photos, thumbnails, and adaptable views can all be returned via the API. Shelters and animal rescue organizations can use this animal management software to keep track of animals, staff, papers, and fundraising campaigns.

Foster care management, adoption management, medical records management, intake management, and volunteer management are all aided by it. Customers who frequent the Animal Shelter Manager include Startups, SMEs, Agencies, and Corporations of all types of businesses. Animal Shelter Manager is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. A Web App and Windows support the Animal Shelter Manager operation system.

ReconMap API

Reconmap is an open source information security application that allows users to plan, execute, and document penetration testing and reconnaissance operations for various targets and customers. All data available through the Reconmap Web and Mobile applications can be manipulated using the Reconmap API. Vulnerabilities, tasks, projects, reports, users, statistics, and other types of data are examples of this type of information. The Reconmap API is a Restful API that allows any client web, CLI, mobile to alter any of Reconmap’s entities, including projects, tasks, commands, reports, and users. Reconmap can be extended in any way you can think of using the API. This is one of many components of the Reconmap’s design.

GitLab API

GitLab is an open-source platform for working on code and coding projects among developers. Developers can use the GitLab REST API to access and manage users, post and receive bugs, and collect project information. There is also a GitLab GraphQL API now. You can retrieve data or create issues from other applications using the GitHub Issues API to establish a workflow that works for your team.

The APIs that you can use to connect with GitHub is known as Github APIs. You can use them to build and manage repositories, branches, issues, pull requests, and other things. You can use the API to get publicly available information such as public repositories, user profiles, and so on. You must make a call to the user endpoint to receive a list of random users, and you must request the username endpoint to acquire the data of a specific user.

SonarQube Web API

SonarQube is a service that allows developers to inspect their code’s quality continuously. In 20+ programming languages, including Java, C#, JavaScript, C, C++, COBOL, and others, this open-source platform can perform automatic reviews using static code analysis to find bugs, code smells, and security issues. The SonarQube Web API track offers apps with access to SonarQube functionality. There is also a SonarQube Webhooks API. API allows you to integrate the power of sonar data into your existing operations, resulting in the most accurate data for your specific business. You have the unique ability to adapt your strategy and maximize your focus using sonar’s proprietary data sets.

BrAPI Breeding 

The BrAPI Breeding API gives you access to a plant database that includes phenotype and genotype information. This open, shared API returns the crop, germplasm, attributes, programs, locations, and genomic maps. The Breeding API (BrAPI) initiative aims to make plant breeding datasets more interoperable. Plant breeding data is communicated via BrAPI, a standardized RESTful web service API specification. It helps plot data on a map to visualize geographic information about germplasm and experiments.

Anyone interested in plant breeding data management can use this community-driven standard for free. Users can utilize several search parameters to discover exactly what they want. There is no need to download a large data collection and manually sort through it. Begin collaborating with other BrAPI Community groups. With ease, share applications and transfer data. Collecting field trial data with mobile devices and importing it into the BrAPI data source.

Farmbot API

FarmBot is a robotics system for tending to backyard crops that is open source. The FarmBot API does not control FarmBot, and instead, it contains image uploads, email delivery, data storage, validation, and security. Data is kept in a centralised database to prevent data loss between reflashes. Users can also edit information while the gadget is turned off. Farmbot solutions are built to resist even the most remote and severe environments and connectivity limitations, with satellite and cellular alternatives available.

Pexels API

Pexels is a free photo-sharing website. Users may use the Pexels APITrack to integrate photo and video search into their applications. It allows users to upload and edit pictures, as well as to conduct Machine learning-based searches across more than half a million images. It is completely free and only requires a few lines of code to incorporate. Start now and obtain your one-of-a-kind API key right away.

The Pexels API allows you to access the entire Pexels content library, including pictures and videos, via a programmatic interface. Pexels is a legal service. Photographers realize that their photographs will be reused by others when they post them to Pexels. When you use the photographs on Pexels, you avoid copyright issues that could arise if you downloaded them elsewhere. On Pexels, you can find thousands of high-quality public-domain photos. Search for a wide range of keywords and images on a wide range of topics. Images in the public domain can be downloaded and used for free on Pexels, even for commercial reasons.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you will learn about the 10 best open sources API for developers. An open source API is a programming interface that allows developers to connect to open source data and services. The category encompasses a wide range of open source projects that developers can use to build applications.