There are all kinds of great software examples that businesses can use. Maybe you already have some that your company likes, but perhaps you’re on the hunt for some new choices. It could be that one of the ones you enjoy has raised their prices, or maybe you want one that has some different features that your current ones do not.

We will talk about four excellent software options for businesses right now. These are all proven winners that can help you if you work in many different industries.


Before we get into some examples of business software options you may want to use, we should mention that you’ll want to check into the security features for any option before you purchase it. You’ll only want to use ones that have secure login systems for your workers. Compromised login credentials cause 61% of data breaches, and that’s always something you want to avoid.

ProofHub is one software setup that your company might want to use, and they feature very secure login features. This is an all-in-one business management software suite.

If you want a central platform, it’s hard to beat this one. You have one app where you can share updates, manage assignments, or encourage employee collaboration.

If you need an update from an employee, you can ping them with ProofHub. You can take meeting notes and plan out the rest of the day, week, or month. You can also make company-wide announcements if you’re planning on coming out with a new service or product, if you’re launching a new ad campaign, or you’re going to be doing some additional hiring. is another option for your business entity. This choice works well if you have a company where you always have interactive documents that you want several people to be able to edit. It also has a smart search feature that lets you quickly find what you need based on a keyword-intuitive AI program.

You can also integrate with more than 100 other apps and software setups. You can customize it in thousands of different ways. It also has a free version, so you can try it before you commit to anything.

You can set up a document tracking mode to see the changes your team makes as they collaborate on a project together. The fully responsive templates are easy to learn how to use.


Flodesk is another business software suite that you might want to investigate. It is an email marketing service that many small and medium-sized companies seem to love.

You might have noticed that crafting excellent email marketing campaigns isn’t as easy as some other business entities make it seem. Flodesk lets you customize your email’s appearance so that it will capture a potential customer’s imagination.

It features lead magnet help, welcome sequences, and a visual builder that lets you create each email from the ground up. It costs $38 per month, which is pretty reasonable when you factor in that this price applies to any list size.

You can set up automated email sequences with it, so you don’t contact possible customers too often. You can create an email sign-up form with it, even without a website. The drag-and-drop email creation tool has layout blocks, and it has suggestions that should help you during the creation process.

Zoho One

Zoho One is a company management system. It integrates 40 different business apps into one. You can manage almost every business aspect in one place with it.

It has online document sharing and storage, and you can use it to set up and automate personalized business workflows. It has more than 75 million users across the world at this point, with more signing up every day.

The “books” feature lets you manage your company’s financial matters, while the creator section lets you customize your own apps if you can’t find any that accomplish your daily tasks. It also has a meeting and webinar solution area where you can set up company-wide get-togethers whenever you feel that you need one.
These are some top business software picks, but there are several more that didn’t quite make this list. You can look into QuickBooks to help you look after your company’s finances. If you need to see a complete picture of your company’s present and possible future, nTask is likely your best bet. Trello is probably your best option for overall project management and remote workforce connectivity.