Financial accountings needs have to be organized whether you are running a business or a Church. In terms of all fund accounting, a Church accounting the software makes it simple to account aiding us to the proper method of how to manage funds and keep track of them. It helps to deal seamlessly with fund accounting, contribution management, and payroll functions. It helps in keeping a track on online payment and donations much more manageable.


To growing churches, PowerChurch is a full church accounting program, membership management, and record-keeping system. This offers a fast and reliable setup assistant and allows users to monitor budgets, print accounts payable, create invoices and accept payments from client’s receivable accounts and produce reports and graphs. PowerChurch provides automated payroll management along with direct deposits or written pay checks. Social security benefits, pre-tax deductions and withdrawal rates are all automatically determined, and quarterly payroll statements may be printed or electronically transmitted.


Flockbase is an inexpensive and user-friendly church accounting alternative. The Flockbase Accounting service offers accurate and easy monitoring of the revenue and expenditures of churches, in addition to bank statements, expense tracking and check writing, all with a church operating in mind. A variety of financial reports provide all the details available to make sound decisions regarding the finances of the churches. Flockbase prides itself on user-friendliness, with users having no special training to tackle their platform. It is easy to set up and have a highly efficient user’s manual which even an amateur can use with ease.


ChurchWindows is a perfect choice for church accounting software as it can both monitor and manage membership fees, congregations, donations and events. It can be utilized to maintain a record of all that the church gets, its workers’ salaries, disbursements and expenditure. One of its main features is the tracking facilities available in the software.

4.ShelbyNext Financials

It’s full-service accounting software that meets financial criteria for boards of directors, financial committees and external agencies. ShelbyNext supports standard download file formats accessible from most banks, making installation fast and straightforward. The receivable account program lets users pay bills, monitor vendor credits and refunds, and print invoices. Even a general ledger provides a full collection of regular and custom reports. It also offers a standard monthly statement along with a custom report builder that will help in creating an understanding of the financial savings and spendings of a month. All these features can be handy for large Churches which need to handle a large amount of financial data at the same time. Also, the extraordinarily systematic and in -detailed accounting makes it much more attractive to its users.

5.Aplos Software

Aplos software is indeed one of the best church accounting software choices because it is relatively a cheap choice. While it is true, it is used for reasonably small churches. For those churches which rely on a non-accountant for the data entry function, it is a perfect solution. Itis web-based, meaning you don’t have to download or install any plugin.The remarkable features of this software include the 15 days free trial and free service for six months if the church is new.