Supply Chain Software Management

Supply Chain management is the management of flow of operations from inventory to the customer. This includes management of goods and materials in the inventory, coordinating with the supplier, working with the wholesaler and managing business with sales and marketing strategies. Rather than purchasing a separate software for each function, SCM lets you integrate your entire business flow. Here are a few suggestions on the best Supply Chain Software Management systems in the market:


From inventory management, stock tracking, stock organization, stock history analysis, product management, shipment tracking and automated database updates, OpenBoxes offers a wide range of functions in one plate.

Apache OFBiz

Apache OFBiz is a software tool that is bundled with Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), e-Commerce facilities. With warehouse management, invoicing and billing, Apache OFBiz helps businesses grow to greater heights. Apache OFBiz is a well-known software and is used across the globe for various business types.


Odoo is known for being used across all types of businesses. Available as an SAAS solution, Odoo helps analyze plan orders, manage refunds, import price lists and note inventory performance. Odoo integrates multiple apps where each app performs a specific function. Proving to be the best inventory management solution, Odoo helps customers pick the right software solution for their business.


SAP SCM helps in production planning, business analysis and management. Serving as one of the most important modules of SAP, distribution and transport planning are the most important modules available. SAP SCM is divided into three types of flows:

• Information Flow – Order Information, delivery updates and tracking status are recorded.
• Finance Flow- Accounts and finance information, income, expenses and cash flow are recorded.
• Product Flow- Inventory management, stock flow, product availability, etc. are recorded.


What differentiates QuickBase from the rest of the SCM software products is the “Time Card” feature that tracks real-time data. Business information is recorded, making it easier to keep a constant watch on the stock, cash and reports on a daily basis. Enhancing supplier relationships, QuickBase improves business processes without any technical knowledge required.