Web to Print technology is changing the way printing businesses conduct their business. It has given the ease of selling products via an online storefront and helped enable customization to improve the shopping experience.

All you need is cutting-edge web to print software that lets end customers create unique products themselves. It not only eradicates the need to have an extensive catalog but also improves the efficiency of the print workflow by automating the process.

However, with different Web to Print Software available in the market, you need to find the best that understands your business requirements. Here are X factors to consider when you purchase the software for your business.

1. The Tool Must Have a User-friendly Interface

There are different types of customers who shop with you. Some will be tech-savvy, while others might not have the technical knowledge to deal with tools like a Web to Print Software. One of the biggest considerations when buying the tool is to ensure that each and every customer of yours can easily use the tool.

A good tool prioritizes providing an intuitive interface that ensures quick customization. Consider tools that provide features that help end-users create dynamic designs in just a few clicks; for instance, features like clipart, ready templates, and artwork, image editing, text editor, etc. With easy drag and drop options, end-users will be able to finish customizing their products.

2. Go with a Complete Responsive Tool

The whole point of online shopping is convenience. Customers can place an order from their workplace or hop from one metro to another. They could be using any device to browse or place an order.

Hence, a responsive tool is a must to deliver the best user experience across all devices. Look for software that is fully responsive with all surfing devices. That helps your customers customize seamlessly without any errors. It, in turn, provides a smooth experience that enhances user satisfaction.

3. Compatibility with All eCommerce Platforms

Another factor to consider when choosing web to print software is to see if it is compatible with all eCommerce platforms.

Irrespective of the platform your online store is built on, ensure the tool can be seamlessly integrated with the backend of your admin panel.

Secondly, it is also necessary to have a cross-platform compatible tool. See if the tool works seamlessly with multiple platforms and browsers for a better user experience.

4. Features That You Have Complete Control Over

Ideally, any Web to Print Software offers basic features like text manager, custom image upload, clipart, and so on. However, along with features, it is essential to get a tool that understands your business and gives you the power to configure features as per your need.

You would want to activate or inactivate different features. For example, you can disable some advanced features if just starting. As your business grows, you can enable more options and purchase different add-ons.

Some important features to look for when buying the software are dynamic pricing, bleed, cut, safety line manager, lock feature, dynamic artwork, multiple design areas, and layout manager. 

5. A Tool That Can Handle Multi-Catalog & Bulk Orders

Capacity is another factor to consider when buying a Web to Print Tool. A reliable tool can handle an extensive catalog of a wide range of products.

As your business expands, you would want to include more product categories. And during that time, the tool you have bought must deliver a seamless customization experience for all the products.

Ensure that you are integrating a tool that supports a multi-catalog. You should be able to add all kinds of products and as many products as you want. Suppose you are currently selling only banners. When purchasing a tool, check if the tool offers a smooth customization experience for other products like flyers, posters, etc.

It is also important to see whether the software can handle bulk orders. In just a few taps, end users can customize hundreds of different products simultaneously.

6. Customer Support from Web to Print Solutions Provider

A Web to Print Solution provider’s job doesn’t end once you purchase a tool from them. A reliable company will provide support at every step of the journey.

When buying the software, ensure that they have a customer support policy.

Typically customer support includes end-to-end training when integrating the tool. The tech support team will help you install and integrate the tool and assist in configuring different features.

Not just that, look for a provider with a dedicated support team who can handle all the technical aspects so you can focus on what matters most.

In addition, things like a DIY help desk, access to extensive knowledge and manuals, etc., are always a bonus.

Summing Up

These were the significant points that will help you make the right choice when purchasing a tool for your online store. Apart from these, it is also essential to have a completely customizable tool as per your business logic. You can have the option to change the theme that matches your brand identity.

Integrating reliable software will help achieve desired business results, improve the shopping experience, and generate more revenue.