Writing is a vital form of communication. Good verbal skills and effective writing techniques are essential to writing great English Compositions. 

There are many writing techniques to write and create your compositions more engaging. The more styles you are proficient in, the more probably you can share thoughts with the readers. 

The best tip for composing a creative composition is to utilize the writing technique that suits the requirement and will associate with the readers. 

So, here in this article, we are defining different types of writing techniques and how you can use them for writing a good English composition. 

Use Of Different Writing Techniques 

There are several primary writing techniques to make your composition look engaging to the readers. The following are: 

#1. Narrative Writing

Using the technique, compositions are written in the context of a story. You can depict a journey, or become a part of it, from the start to the end. In addition, it consists of a beginning, intermission, and ending. Further, narrative writing is communicated from the viewpoint of the first person. 

With the help of this writing technique, students can define the stories, whether it’s real or not, in a way that engages the readers. In addition, describe the characters, location, and time of the narratives such that it looks genuine. Your purpose should be to write the composition in a captivating way.

For example, you have to write a composition about your holiday destination. Start with the date and day you begin the journey. Mention the people who went with you. In addition, describe the place you visit. 

Moreover, tell me about the activities and fun you had at your holiday destination. Furthermore, end the composition with the date and day you came back home. 

#2. Descriptive Writing 

The technique describes the person, place, or thing in a such manner that it forms a picture in the reader’s mind. With a detailed description, people can better feel the story. Additionally, the writing should include adverbs and adjectives for enhancing the quality of the reading experience.

For instance, to write an essay on “How you celebrate your birthday party”, a descriptive writing technique is the best way. Students should include all the five senses in their narrative, defining how the subject looks, sounds, feels tastes, etc. 

Describe what your birthday event looks like and how it was decorated. In addition, tell me about the activities you did to make your party more fun. Likewise, dance, games, singing, etc. 

Moreover, tell me about the people who attend the party such as your friends, family, and relatives. Include the food you enjoyed and the gifts you received. Lastly, describe how you feel celebrating the birthday. Thus, with a complete description of your event, you can convey your story very well. 

Besides this, there is a compilation of Primary English Model compositions available online. Students can take help from there. 

#3. Creative Writing 

It is a technique used to describe your conceptions and ideas. The narrative should have all the essential elements to create a good composition. That is a character, plot, and setting.

The character is about whom you are telling the narration. When writing about your dream, you are the main character. On the other hand, if children have to write an essay on their favorite teacher. A teacher is a lead character.

Moreover, when there are more characters in the story, ensure to represent the lead one very accurately. Consequently, it will help the readers to understand the storyline rightly till the end.

Besides this, there should be the perfect plot of the story, helping the readers know what you have written about. It tells about the how and why everything within the narrative happens. 

With a well-organized storyline, you can write the composition properly and portray it as realistic. There should be the beginning, middle, and ending parts. 

Introduce the character at the beginning of the story. Describe the place where the scene is from and the time when it happens. Define the turning points and conflicts in the middle part. End the story with the climax or solution. Thus, if there is a good storyline, the readers will understand the narrative very effortlessly and happily. 

Besides this, there should be a perfect setting of the story which describes when and where the incidents happen. For instance, to write a composition on “A trip to some historical place”. Start writing with the date, time, day, and place you begin the journey. 

In addition, tell about the fun and describe the places you visit. At last, mention the date and time you reach back home. Thus, a reader will know about everything you enjoyed and loved on the trip.

#4. Modeled Writing

It directs to the method through which teachers give their viewpoints before the students do it on their own. It provides the children with a basic point and key to the concepts which will help them to start writing the compositions.

If you are writing non-frictional essays, a teacher will look for the correct use of proper voice. Therefore, it is best to use the active voice. 

It is mostly considered because it eases the readability of the sentences. For instance, She read four books this winter and it is way easier to understand than, This winter, there were four books read by her.

In addition, an active voice helps you look more definitive and familiar with the topic you are describing. It sounds more straight and lets you deliver useful information to the readers. 

On the other hand, verbs are also a very necessary part of a composition. Without them, you can not form a good structure and meaning of the sentence.

For example, a boy is playing with a football. Here, “is playing” is an action verb. Without it, you can not determine what a person is doing with a thing. Therefore, it is very important to use the correct form of verbs and voice in a sentence. 

Thus, with the right knowledge of voices and verbs, students can form well-structured sentences. As a result, you can write a good English composition. 

Moreover, there are books available on English Model Compositions, from which students can get help to write the essays properly. 

#5. Expository Writing 

Students should use the techniques to describe and inform the readers about any subject. The purpose is to guide the reader about something instead of entertaining or convincing them. 

This writing style is used to answer the questions the readers are interested to know about. Queries like what, where, how, why, who are replied to in this form of writing. 

For instance, you have to write an English composition on “What are the consequences of not waking up early in the morning?” Explain the causes and the effects that can harm your academic results.

#6. Persuasive Writing 

The technique is most useful to write English compositions on the topic in which you have to convince the readers about your thoughts. You can put your viewpoint on any matter. 

For instance, to write the topic “We should do exercises every day.”, use the persuasive writing technique. Give the advice to exercise daily as it is beneficial to stay healthy and fit. 

So, use persuasive writing techniques to write the topics which you want to assure the readers of it. 


With the correct knowledge of the writing techniques mentioned above: narrative, descriptive, persuasive, expository, creative writing, voices, and verbs, you can write a good composition. It will help to portray or convey your thoughts and opinions to the readers. 

On the other hand, it will also become easy for the readers to understand what is written about.