It is common to have an array of tasks in every organization. There are tasks that must be performed by an individual then there are some tasks that requires the performance of groups, etc. No matter what the occurrence of repetitive tasks in an organization is one of the most common policy. In order to increase the productivity it is the responsibility of a company to monitor and observe the performance of each employee of the company. The representation of each and every work is considered as the workflow. It is important for any organization to have a software that will help in streamlining the process. The following up of the tasks and getting the perfect insights regarding the task is another essential thing that is required by the companies.

One such software that helps in checking and tracking the workflow in organizations is workflow automation software. This workflow automation software is also termed as Business Process Management software that will help in managing the business and take necessary steps in order to make sure that the work is catered perfectly by the company. If you are about to start a small business or running one, then get a workflow automation software right away. You will understand more about the BPM software in this article.

What is Workflow Automation Software?

Workflow automation software isn’t as popular as other software that are essential for running a business but in fact it is one of the software that must be used by the entrepreneurs for sure. Workflow management software is a platform that makes it easy to manage the business and streamline each and every process of the business. It is the most basic software that caters most of the requirements of an organization. It provides the users with various features like customization according to the requirement, classifying the process into different models, adjust the system according to their work inside the organization, etc. This will help in making the most of the software and use it to the great extent.

Reading the features of this work automation flow software will surely make you feel to want one but if you are on tight budget then check out the seven free and open source software that are perfect for the management of work in your organization.


Joget is one of the most used and prominent workflow management software among the small businesses. It offers various amazing features which made it stand on the top of the race. Joget comprises of agile application development capability which helps in making the business easier and intriguing at the same time. Everyone knows the importance of Agile in the business and this software has it incorporated in it. Joget allows integration with other apps and software for better performance.


If you are a photographer, then this darktable is crafted especially for you. This software is an open software with a lot of benefits. It comprises a set of image editing tools which will be helpful for the photographers to edit the images and develop it. Along with the basic tools such as rotate, crop, mosaic and demosaic, contrast, there are so many other features in this software which makes photography easy and simple. The digital negatives can be stored in the darktable database.


Mostly known as Bonita BPM is one of the mostly used software among the developers. It is one such software which is professional and offers various amazing features for free of cost. It provides the users with easy and effective delivery of application demonstrating the immense capability for the changes that has happened in the environment. BonitaSoft is the highly usable and reliable software that one can opt for in order to organize the business.

Workflow Gen

Workflow Gen is a web based workflow automation software offering some of the great services for the customers. It is a cloud based software hence can be used from anywhere at any time without any hassle. The simple workflows can be created at ease with the help of this workflow gen. If you are in search of a workflow automation software that literally offers everything, then Workflow gen should be your go to option.


Avaza workflow automation software is one of the most famous and well known workflow management software in the market. It offers all the features for free with its web application which is powered by a cloud based platform. Yes, you heard it right, Avazan is a cloud based platform hence it can be accessed irrespective of the place in which you are. This software has so many benefits and is one of the best software available in the market that can be customized as per the requirements. Hence the software can be used  by different types of businesses. It provides certain features like project management, expense management, quoting, invoicing, tracking of time and workflow management too.

Process Street

Process Street is one of the powerful APIs for the automated workflow management for different types of business. It helps you to create different types of workflows for your business. It stores all the recurring projects and the documentation related to them separately so that you can access it right away. Process Street has inbuilt Zapier integration so you will be able to automate things with the help of Process Street. The workflow can be customized as per the requirement.

Rethink Workflow

Rethink workflow is a cloud based task management tool that is used by so many small businesses. It helps you to create different type of workflows and reports. It helps in setting the permission, assign the tasks and then automate it as per the requirement. The rethink workflow is an easy to use software.

These are some of the best and free workflow automation software that is available in the market. These software helps you in automating your entire business and helps you by saving enough time. Stop restricting yourself from using the latest software just because of budget.