Driving a business from getting even to making profits involves a substantial amount of monitoring and management. Every business, large or small, requires an inventory management system to track your stock, besides manual handiwork and some tinkering. Keeping a watch over stock items, surveilling the flow of products from the warehouse to the point of delivery and paying attention to what your depot houses is wrapped up into one single software. Let’s take a look at the key market players who specialize in integrating the best Inventory Management Software.

1.  Zoho inventory

With everything available in the cloud, Zoho takes care of your inventory like their own by allowing you to make sales orders, keep track of how much stock is left, make payments easier with payment gateways and receive stock change notifications. The most recognized feature of Zoho Inventory is ‘Automated Reordering’ which helps identify a stock-out situation, relieving you of stock unavailability. From mobile tracking and easy reporting to customizable CRM ,  Zoho Inventory is the go-to solution for SMBs.


With real-time visibility in your stock house, accurate stock calculation and sales order tracking, NetSuite has its inventory management software intact to help with your business needs. Did you say multiple location tracking? Because is here to provide you with that and a secure traceability of stocks.


Keeping a tab on transactions, product stock and sales totals with tax calculations has now become easier with Inflow. Being a one-man army not your cup of tea? Loosen up! Inflow offers a multi-user access, hosting data online so your stock information can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


Are you focused on being cautious about an inventory failure and availability of stocks? Sellsy is at your service, providing you with alerts to avoid stock run-outs and disappointments. Managing your sales has never been so easy as Sellsy gives you Cross-Channel Inventory, notifying both customers as well as sales reps when there’s a stock run-out.


Infamous for being the number one warehouse management software, Fishbowl offers easy barcode scanning, automated reordering, multiple warehouse integration and accurate sales order tracking. Overstocking is as harmful as understocking and Fishbowl comes to your rescue with its automatic alert system.


Managing your inventory is in your pockets, with Unleashed Software’s mobile application. Serial tracking, accurate cost calculation and real-time control of your stock is important to keep your business growing and Unleashed Software understands!

7.  ODOO

Organizing your warehouse by introducing a smart double-entry system, fully automated stock tracking systems and real-time dynamic reports, Odoo makes life simpler for small businesses. Internal transfers, delivery tracking and phenomenal traceability systems make Odoo the ideal software for your inventory.