One of the key basics of firm achievement is the conduct of meetings. It promotes communication between departments, individuals, and even external sellers. Additionally, meetings significantly affect employee-generated development, activity responsibility, and general corporate priorities. In this way, the Meeting Room Booking System has established itself as a valid point of communication and teamwork effort. Meetings are essential to promoting teamwork and productivity in the business sector, despite concerns in the corporate world. Whether you attend the meeting and participate can be the process by which you discover insight. The organization and execution of necessary procedures are simplified and faultless by regularly conducting relevant meetings. The Meeting Room Booking System promotes business time preservation while maintaining worker productivity. Associations can accomplish this with the use of meeting room booking systems. Below listed are the few open-source booking systems for meeting rooms:

1. Roombelt

An open-source system for scheduling meeting rooms is called Roombelt. The Meeting room booking system, which works on a small group of iOS, Android, and Philips devices, essentially manages computerized signage at meeting room doors. The online system for scheduling meeting rooms is device-free and aims to increase worker productivity by providing a user-friendly interface. The software for booking meeting rooms increases asset effectiveness by removing meeting room users. Participants will help enhance asset consumption if they fail to show up more than twice.

Meeting Room Booking of Roombelt are: 

  • Computerized procedures, such as reports on internal meetings and space usage.
  • Simple and efficient online booking process.
  • Presentations with Dedicated Status are loaded up to determine Real-Time Availability.
  • Booking Transparency can eliminate double bookings with a simple scheduling mix.
  • Reports on room usage can improve how effectively meeting rooms are used.
  • Statistics, analytics, and aspects connected to association meeting room usage.
  • Unique visitor management systems – route navigation, meeting room occupancy information, guest identifications, etc.
  • Multilingual assistance.
  • Execution of a certain subject for meetings.
  • Integrations of third-party applications with Google, Microsoft, and other services.

2. Skedda

The most used meeting room booking app for setting up office space is Skedda. Skedda enables your teams from having to manually manage every aspect of space scheduling, allowing them to concentrate on more important tasks. Because the software can be configured in an endless number of ways, companies may use it to automate labor-intensive booking processes and manage their spaces more effectively.

Skedda is ideal for conference rooms, desks, hot desks, meeting rooms, company resources, and presentation areas because it was created expressly for this purpose. With Skedda, you can ensure that spaces are reserved equitably, that each user’s privacy and accountability are protected, and that there are never any multiple bookings.

The meeting room booking system features of Skedda are:

  • Skedda Calendar is a centralized dashboard where users can view scheduled meetings, cancellations, etc., in full transparency.
  • A precise, up-to-date meeting room availability system
  • Analytics and Reporting Dashboard highlighting software and meeting room usage Reminders, reservations, and other administrative processes are automated using analytics.
  • the ability to reserve meeting spaces dispersed over many sites using a single dashboard
  • Interactive maps will guide employees during internal meetings.
  • Registration and navigating a meeting space are only a few of the visitor management procedures.
  • Online payments made through the Stripe platform

3. Classroom Booking

Classroom Booking is free and open-source, a meeting room booking tool designed specifically for schools. 2.4.1 is the most recent version. The MRBS’s ability to add custom fields and highlights in accordance with the needs of the association is perhaps its biggest advantage. Customers could now see room assets, the amount of time needed for each booking, and so on. Additionally, there are no restrictions of any kind imposed by the conference room booking system on the number of rooms that implementers may book.

Classroom Booking meeting room booking systems are:

  • Increased transparency in planning and booking activities.
  • Online booking interface that is simple to use.
  • The free conference room booking system integrates with multi-location room reservations and displays the important information on the booking page.
  • Recurring Scheduling is compatible with the open-source framework for reserving conference rooms.
  • Booking and help for internal meetings.
  • Efficiency improvements for educators and schools are made by automated Scheduling.
  • Real-time conference and study room availability improve scheduling efficiency and reduces the possibility of time constraints.
  • Utilization Reports, Visitor Management, and other custom meeting room booking highlights are available to clients.

4. DeskFlex 

The online meeting room booking system offers more than just meeting spaces. DeskFlex is a trial-based, free software application for booking meeting spaces. It also includes a few features of an open-source framework for scheduling meeting rooms. The meeting room reservation system aims to eliminate no-shows or late reservations with its simple layout and flexible combinations.

The online system for scheduling meeting spaces is independent of hardware. It enables easy booking for venues with large capacities, such as halls, conference event spaces, equipment, and workplaces. The software for reserving meeting spaces can be integrated with companies designs, such as Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, and Zapier, to name a few.

The meeting room booking system features of DeskFlex are: 

  • Recording and display of the observed gathering room’s current availability.
  • Precise site reconciliations and online booking channels.
  • Improve the practical booking cycle and potential with meeting room multi-structure revealing, including use, framework, and office use, among other things.
  • Transparency in the booking requirements provided by various coordinators, the office booking procedure, etc.
  • Utilizing open-source representative schedule synchronization, internal meeting schedules and lodging reservations are made.
  • Detailed visitor management includes printing identity, plan alerts, bookings for recurring events, guest enrollments, and so forth.
  • Booking services for conference rooms across many locations.
  • All meeting rooms were examined for equipment and office space to determine the best environment.
  • Open-source meeting interferences are reduced, and significant data is presented to fight disturbing influences.

5. Picktime

A free meeting room booking service is Picktime. While writing the codes, the online conference room booking software developers considered co-working spaces and various sizes of organizations and scope. The result is a free online conference room booking service that makes use easier and provides excellent specialized tools between organizers, participants, and outside parties.

Additionally, the company allows customers to customize meeting booking software features.

However, proper security is also started by board permission, client access, and stage freedom. Picktime’s high-level arrangement set additionally gives businesses the option to set up their booking page and site in three simple steps, enabling Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to manage the functionality of the meeting room booking management system.

Meeting Room Booking features of Picktime are: 

  • The online booking management system improved workflow.
  • Management of multiple location room bookings.
  • Scheduling and managing appointments and meetings repeatedly.
  • Clients can use the meeting room booking software dashboard to view the Real-Time Availability and status of meeting rooms.
  • Unmatched transparency in the method for booking conference rooms.
  • Granular analytics and reporting on meeting room usage.
  • Guest management through arranging meeting alerts, rescheduling, times, and other details.
  • Internal Meetings Management to schedule productivity increments to reduce time waste.
  • The third-party booking feature is a standout for businesses focused on customer service.
  • Utilization Reporting, in particular information on the number of permitted rooms, amenities, etc.

6. Gaia Workspace

Gaia Workspace is a customizable conference room booking tool that offers features including room and desk management, visitor and employee screening, immunization and test tracking, appointment and task management, and more. Gaia simplifies your office calendar to assist you in being effective and productive at work.

Gaia Workspace provides everything you require for a collaborative workspace as a single solution. It consists of visitor management, employee screening, test and vaccine tracking, task management, and room and desk booking. Gaia Workspaces decreases expenses by simplifying administration, streamlining the reservation process, and improving user experience.

7. SuperSaas 

A free meeting room booking tool is SuperSaas. The meeting room reservation system includes integration as one of its advantages. By integrating SuperSaas into their hierarchical workflow, businesses can use it to deploy it as a flexible framework for reserving meeting spaces and scheduling customer appointments. The product implements a user-validated information access control and enables adaptability in terms of platform independence. The free online meeting room reservation service also allows the highest level of data security and encryption on the client data set, which is subsequently used for communication and growth. The meeting room booking system also has a payment gateway.

The highlights of SuperSaas are: 

  • Use a simplified online booking procedure. 
  • Scheduling meetings at multiple locations.
  • Usage analytics for meeting rooms to ensure the improved booking measure.
  • Timetables for meeting rooms can be easily and instantly checked for availability to streamline booking procedures and prevent scheduling conflicts.
  • Automated Tasks: Reminder Alarms, Room Usage Reports, Meeting Room Status Notices, etc.
  • Guest management includes managing payments, rescheduling information, and assigning clients to arrangements.

Bottom Line

You all know how important the meeting will be. So, you may search for software for the meeting room booking. This software will improve the standard, save time, and improves productivity. The above listed are the best open source booking system for Meeting Room.