Marketing automation, as the name suggests it is a software used to automate marketing actions. Many companies have to perform repetitive actions such as sending emails, writing posts on social media and other website based activities. While these tasks are tiring and time-consuming, technology always has a solution to such problems.

We have marketing automation software to help us out with these activities on a day-to-day basis. These software’s can either be hosted on your local system or can be hosted from a web server. You can build your own automation system for your company by using the several marketing software; however, there are open-source software’s which get this job done. Here are seven of the best open-source marketing automation software that you can use.


Leadsius is a perfect open-source marketing automation tool for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps build deeper relationship with your customers. This, in turn, helps bring in more revenue. It has an intuitive email editor, which helps design beautiful emails that help resonate the business ideas.

This editor has a very useful drag and drop feature which helps you save a lot of time designing these emails. This platform also provides free file hosting capabilities that let you upload files and images without any limitation.

They offer both free and paid versions of their software. The free version comes with support for a single user; you can add 2500 contacts, an email, sign-up forms and landing page editor analytics on email and websites. Alternately, you can also opt for their paid version that would support more users, more contacts and provide more advanced marketing software at $45/month.


With zero coding skills, you can automate your business marketing on SalesAutoPiolet. It integrates with other websites easily. Hence, you can get forms, signups and even orders from these websites on to this platform without any hassle. It has its own landing page editor. It also has Leadpages, which is one of the most used landing page platforms.

They also allow you to add social buttons to your email and if you wish, then the forms can also be filled using facebook login. This software can be integrated with your billing software thereby customers can get their invoices mailed to them automatically which otherwise had to be done manually which was a very tiring task.

They offer a free trial version in which the number of users and contacts are limited. However, you can choose to switch to a paid version starting at $41.


Jumplead is a marketing automation cloud-based tool designed for SMB’s and B2B’s. It combines features of landing pages, email marketing, and CRM software into one simple, user-friendly and affordable platform. The main focus of this software is on email marketing. This tool helps to convert every visitor to your website into a customer.

This is done when the visitor is live on your website, Jumplead tries to connect with the visitor. You can utilize their marketing automation to automate sales team notification, nurture drip campaigns and monitor lifecycle changes.

It lets organizations schedule emails and then analyze the performance of the email campaigns. The platform also provides live chat feature on your website which helps to further connect better with the customers.


Mautic is an open source marketing automation solution that can be used as both self-hosted as well as cloud-based software. It has a social media marketing feature that lets you connect and interact with your audience on social media platform directly from this platform.

The contact tracking feature helps you identify both known and unknown contacts. This is done by monitoring the number of site visits and duration of each visit.

It also supports email marketing. It allows you to send a large number of emails and then track your email campaigns by analyzing the number of clicks, page visits, and duration of these visits. Mautic helps to nurture these contacts with an array of different methods.

Additionally, it lets you create amazing forms aimed at interacting with your page visitors. This feature helps to automate the process of nurturing an organization’s contacts. The reporting feature helps to collect data from various campaigns and analyze them.

The cloud-hosted software comes with a free service which has certain limitations. However, the self-hosted service provides all these services at no extra cost.


OpenEMM is an open-source cloud-based marketing automation software. The software has a tool that enables you to send an email newsletter and service emails. The user interface of this software is very neat.

The email creation tool lets you use templates to create premium looking emails. It has email analytics feature that allows the user to track if the email is opened and the link is clicked on. It also provides a graphical real-time analytics feature.

OpenEMM provides the user wizards to do tasks like importing and exporting data. The interface can also be customized using CSS based on the organization needs. There are no limits when it comes to mailing lists, contacts and also emails to send.

OpenEMM was the first to offer email marketing services and its code has undergone development since 1999. This software offers more features than the commercial software.


Act-on is available as a self-hosted as well as a cloud-hosted automation marketing service. It is known for its simple to use and user-friendly interface. It gives you access to all important marketing software at your fingertips. It was built to give small and medium-sized businesses access to marketing automation.

Using Act-on you can manage and optimize every stage of customer experience, track prospectors activity on your page and even a detailed report on all your campaigns. It also provides a high-quality email editor that lets you convert your ideas into creative emails and templates.

The platform is available for free trial with limited software. A subscription fee of $900 gives you access to their pro version.

Sage CRM

Sage CRM is another automated marketing tool that ensures marketing success by providing you real-time statistical data. It provides the complete profile of the user’s activities which help to increase sales by targeting the right customers. It is now possible to endorse teams by using Sage CRM. The teams can view and track the performance of each sale in real time.

Sage CRM provides a mobile solution which lets you access and views individual profiles of customers and even tracks the live performance of your site on the go. You can even send emails using Sage CRM and Mail Chimp. This, combined with analytics helps you target and reach the right prospects. Sage CRM helps maintain customer relationship as it lets you know what the customers want and even lets you convey the message by using the wide range of social media websites.


In today’s world, marketing as important as having a good product. However, being able to reach out to the right customers can be a very hard process. These automated marketing software make the process easier.

Not only do they help you reach the right audience, but also help you maintain a good relationship with the existing customers. This is extremely important for the betterment of the company. With the help of the above software, you can be assured to get the best performance for your product.