Why Restaurant Accounting Software?

Restaurant owners may be more passionate about good food and good presentation, more than looking into the financial part of running a restaurant. A restaurant’s financial book keeping records all of the profits and losses during the year and this is especially important since a restaurant’s future is determined by the numbers. A restaurant owner must be well aware about what goes from his pockets and what falls back in. Here is a list of the best restaurant accounting software in the industry

1. SAP Anywhere

SAP anywhere tracks expenses, records daily sales, helps with data entry, takes care of inventory activities and also performs marketing tasks as well. SAP manages all supply chain activities and makes sure that all of the money is tracked and kept noted of. With an accounting and book keeping software such as SAP, the need for an accountant or cashier is almost unnecessary. SAP saves your expenses and tracks your income in the most efficient way.

2. NetSuite

Oracle’s Netsuite specializes in business management and ERP. They have a wide range of features that are suitable for restaurant account management. Netsuite has the ability to integrate with existing software and carry on with back-office responsibilities. Netsuite offers reporting and analysis, financial accounting, supply chain management, inventory management and more.

3. Sage

Sage comes with a plethora of features pertaining to finance and accounting. From tracking assets, customizing the system features, alerts and notifications to importing and exporting data, Sage has many distinguishing features that make it stand out from the crowd.

4. Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics helps from manufacturing to distribution, helping with supply chain management activities. Microsoft Dynamics can be a web-based accounting software or an on-premise software. It can also be hosted on the cloud, based on requirements. Warehouse management, sales, marketing, demand and supply chain management, inventory management, etc. are some of the key functions found in Dynamics.

5. EBizCharge

Including all financial and accounting operations like invoice tracking, payment tracking, billing, etc. EBizCharge has a CRM software and an ERP solution as well. EBizCharge can be your restaurant’s best POS solution and customer invoice portal. This software even allows customers to log into the web portal and make their payments online, by viewing their bills.

6. JD Edwards

Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise one is capable of accommodating any business of any size. Some of the features of JD Edwards include accounts payable and receivable, finance and account management and more. Supporting multiple languages, JD Edwards is catered to the needs of restaurants across the globe.

7. QuickBooks

Quickbooks has been a successful market player for a long time and is a useful accounting software for all types of businesses, including small scale. Quickbooks is known for the best finance, accounting, invoicing and billing features. In addition to the easy-to-use features and customizable platform, QuickBooks is easy on your pockets and is the cheapest alternative to an accountant.