Moving to a new place, learning how to live independently, making new friends and trying to keep up with classes, lectures, mid-terms, and finals are all part of student life, which is not exactly easy and often involves lots of changes. All of these new things can take a toll on anyone, no matter how prepared they are.

Fortunately for the students of the 21st century, technology has become an important part of how people live their everyday life. Nowadays, there is an app or software designed to help you in almost all aspects of your life. Do you need a cab? You have an app for that. You’re not in the mood to cook? With just a few clicks, you can have food delivered at your doorstep. Want to make sure your term paper is well written? You got an app for that as well. But with so many choices available on the market, which software is the best to help you study more efficiently and ace your exams?


Keeping your notes clean and organized is paramount for acing those finals. To do so, you need a place where you can write, edit, store, organize and easily browse through your notes whenever you need to do so. Evernote allows you to do just that, and even more, as it has a variety of helpful features, all meant to make your student life as easy as possible.

Evernote makes you forget about traditional note-taking and elevate your notes, by adding web pages, PDFs, screenshots, audio recording, and many other attachments. The app even recognizes your handwriting and browse through handwritten notes, not only in English but in 11 languages.

Missed a class and need to copy your classmate’s notes? Why not just simply scan them and attach them to your courses? Evernote allows you to scan documents with your phone’s camera and incorporate them into your notes, to avoid having to handwrite pages and pages of text.


Spending days to write long essays and assignments can be quiet exhausting, not to mention the editing and spellchecking you need to do afterward, to make sure you didn’t miss any apostrophe or comma.  Fortunately, Grammarly comes to the help of those who don’t want to spend hours proofreading but still need to deliver well-written content.

The app is available as a service, on their website, but can also be installed as a plugin for Chrome, Windows, and Office, to ensure that you have it on hand anywhere you need it.

Apart from Grammarly, there are also a bunch of other services, such as GrabMyEssay, Hemmingway App and Studicus, which you can use, to ensure that your assignments are always proofed, edited and ready to be turned in.


Remember the times when you used to get together with your friends and quiz yourselves using flashcards, to prepare for the next test? Although flashcards may seem like an outdated studying method, it is still extremely effective, as it provides a simple way to verify the information you have been studying.

Flashcards+ comes to the help of those who still like to go the old fashion way, by providing thousands of ready-made flashcards, on multiple subjects, so you can test your knowledge and ace the upcoming exam. The app also allows you to generate your own flashcards, in case you don’t find anything helpful in their library, or simply want to add something new.

IStudiez Pro Legend

Student life can become quite hectic if you don’t plan all your activities to the very last moment. When you try to balance exams, extracurricular activities and social life, it can be quite easy to forget when your next assignment is due for. iStudiez is a scheduling app that will help you never miss a deadline and ensure that you always have enough time to study for your next assignment.

The app is available on mobile, as well as desktop, and allows you to track your schedule, homework, exams, and even calculate your grades and GPA progress, to ensure you will never go to class unprepared. Just remember to log all the information into the calendar and set up notifications way ahead. You can even sync it with Google Calendar, to make things even easier. And, with their available cloud sync, you can connect all your devices to the app and have access to the planner anywhere, at any time.

“I sometimes need to balance work and college, and deadlines keep pouring, so I need a way to make sure that I don’t miss any of them, otherwise, my life would turn into a complete disaster. I used to have a planner, where I would write down all my personal and professional assignments, but being able to receive a notification on my phone whenever a deadline is approaching is much, much better,” says Denise Obrien, a college student and part-time writer for Best Essay Education.


For those moments when you need to organize your thoughts and have a full-on brainstorming session, XMind is the perfect tool for you. The app features an abundance of organizational charts and visual tools that will help you clarify, sort through and comprehend complex pieces of information.

If you need to take a new class, or simply approach a course with a more fluid problem-solving approach, simply open XMind and give it a try. The mind maps developed on XMind can also be imported in Evernote, to complete your notes and help you study much simpler.

The app can be downloaded both on mobile and desktop, so you can use it at any time you need. You can even incorporate images into the maps, as well as icons and highlighted text, all developed to simplify your student life.

My Study Life

Another planner app, My Study Life allows you to organize your classes, assignments, and exams, as well as homework, so you can make sure you never ever miss a lecture. The app is linked to the Cloud, so you can store all your information and ensure that you can access is at any time. You can even access your data offline, so even if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection around, you can still check your schedule.

The app will notify you when assignments are due, as well as if there is any conflict in your schedule, or if you have any overlapping classes or exams. Another great thing is that the app is free, meaning you don’t have to worry about making room in your budget for a subscription.

If you are looking for ways to make your student life easier, take advantage of all the available technology around you and organize your college life with the help of some simple apps. You can take notes, organize your schedule and make sure you never miss any deadlines, especially during exam-period.

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