Recruiting new employees is a very important process in keeping a business afloat. As times change, so does the information that we receive and it is necessary to employ fresh minds into the working force to keep the business up to date. It is also necessary to build your business, not only in revenue but also in the workforce.

Recruiting new employees is a must, however, it is a strenuous process. As the number of higher education institutes increase, so do the number of newly minted professionals every year. It is a very time-consuming task to go through all of their resumes and accolades to choose the individual who is the best fit for the company.

As we have reached an era of hyper-fast computers which can do a multitude of tasks within an eye blink, we come across software’s which are best suited to scan through many to find a few. In case of recruiting, this software is known as recruitment software and they are a huge help to the members of human resources.

What is a Recruitment Software?

A recruitment software will be given an input by human resources which would include parameters like skills, educational qualification etc which would be provided to HR by a department of the company they work for. These parameters will be inserted in the recruiting software, which will use specific algorithms in order to rank the applicants cross-referencing the input data with their resume. The idea of a recruiting software is very standard.

The basic software can also carry out tasks like applicant tracking system more job posting management and customer relationship management (CRM) functions to stay connected with the applicants. It also schedules phone calls and in-person interviews. Most of the work carried out is automated.

There are two types of a recruitment software based on their pricing. The ones that cost the least or are free are called open source recruitment software and the pricey ones are called commercial recruitment software.

Here we will be looking at some of the well-known open source recruiting software which can be used to make your recruiting process a lot easier at a menial price.


OpenCATS is one of the most well-known open source online recruiting software out there which is being utilized. It is created by a group of developers, targeting users who do recruitment work, may they be individual recruitment firms or human resources department of a company. The software is very easy to use and is compatible with Windows and Linux platforms.

It is categorized as an applicant tracking software and comes in three types, small, medium and enterprise, based on the number of employees you plan to recruit. The following are some features of OpenCATS.

  • Very user-friendly and easy to operate
  • The search could be web-based or local
  • Comes with resume storage, applicant tracking and contact


This is a fan favorite software when it comes to start-ups as it is built specifically to cater for small businesses. Not only does iKrut function as an applicant tracking software to help in hiring employees, but also as a candidate attraction system in order to drum up more traffic to your business.

It has free and paid versions, the difference in which comes from the number of job type management. The following are some of iKrut’s features.

  • A secure system to protect the data
  • Can be used to recruit using social media
  • Recruits can post using video profiles
  • Powerful analysis systems


 JobScore is a free and very robust applicant tracking software which is web-based, that is to say, it looks for applicants online. This is a great feature if you would like to have a larger pool of recruits. It is free; however, the free version lets you choose only one job posting. For further use, you will have to apply for a paid version.

Some key features are as follows

  • Functions as a database
  • Helps manage, communicate and track the progress of the candidates
  • Comes with social recruiting tools
  • Hass a well-written applicant scoring system


Another small business hiring tool, this is a very handy software for start-ups. This is a free open source recruiting software, but they also have paid versions which help you scan more resumes, whereas in the free version you can only go through 50 resumes per month.

SmartRecruiters is run on a browser rather than a dedicated software. This is an advantage as it can be run across all the platforms like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS and is easily accessible.  Some of its features are as follows.

  • Very user-friendly, on both applicant and the user’s end
  • Social media can be as an application tool


This is one of the most visually appealing recruiting software on this list and functions as applicant tracking software and a candidate attraction tool. But only because it has beauty does not mean it doesn’t have the brains. It is a well-functioning recruiting machine with a web-based model, which makes it accessible from any system.

Some of its key features are as follows.

  • Can be used for small or large businesses.
  • Maintains the profile of the applicant after they have been hired


Fitzii is a free open source recruitment software, which is essentially a cloud-based hiring platform and applicant tracking system. Along with being very user-friendly, it has also been known to help maintain good applicant-employer communication till they are hired.

  • It is a free software, however, add-ons can be purchased for more satisfactory performance
  • The software offers to rank based on skill, personality, and environment fit


It is an automated open source recruiting software, which is very simple to use and focuses on reducing the man-hours required in the recruitment process.  It is designed to use the platform of social media as a direct gateway for recruiting candidates.

The following are some of its features.

  • Automated software, reduces overall workload
  • Uses social media as a hiring platform


These are the best open source recruitment software as per our research. If you come across any other software worth mentioning, shoot us an email and we will review the same.