This is a list of stunning websites which are created with Wix, a simple way to put your work online. These websites using Wix are great examples to look at the professional and modern designs of Wix.

Whetheryou want to sell your work and art pieces, promote yourself or simply connectto other people and inspire them to live their dream – Wix will make it work.

Seven Grams Caffe

The Seven Grams Caffe is inspired by traditional Italian espresso made from exactly seven grams of coffee. The bakes coming with the perfect coffee are fresh and homemade every day for an unforgettable bakery experience.

Their two modern stores are based in Chelsea and Hudson Square.

Stahl Ross

Stahl Ross sells modern bicycles for every road and everyone. This website is using Wix to create their website as simple and professional as their bicycles.

Olive’ secret

This company brings cosmetic products to a whole other level. They are eco and bio friendly and all ingredients are organic. The natural and organic skincare from Olive’ secret is refreshing and healing.

Marco De Haunt

This website using Wix is all about Graphic Design, photography and music. It offers music for Theatre, Audio Drama and Film. But Marco De Haunt, based in Germany, is also a skilled photographer in many different areas and a great graphic designer.


This beard oil is different from all other oils out there. It is handmade, fresh and lets every beard look styled daily. Three different senses for everyone’s taste made in Switzerland.

Vanessa Longchamp

Vanessa Longchamp is a street artist who was able to put her work online with the help of Wix. From an unknown artist she worked her way up to painting at festivals and big events. And now she is running her own workshops and help other artists to grow and learn.

Tobias Becs – Football Freestyler

Not every website created with Wix is about selling. Tobias is using this platform to promote his football skills and connect with other football freestylers. He is using it to inspire people to live their dreams and create their own reality.

Monica Pack Pilates

A simple and creative website using Wix about loving your body, health and fitness tips and more. Learn about Pilates and its benefits and book private or group sessions with Monica. With the help of Wix, she can grow her business in an easy way.

Leandro Pedretti

A one – page design website using Wix created by Leandro Pedretti to share architecture and construction work and services of his team. Choose the service you need, put it in your shopping bag and get your service – it is that simple.