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nTireCAMS – Computerized Asset Management and Computerized Maintenance Management Software is one of most advanced solution available in the market for managing any type of objects viz. Fixed Assets, Plant Machineries, Virtual Assets, Properties etc. nTireCAMS is developed with an objective to manage the Assets with minimum efforts, to ensure High Availability, Lower Operational Cost and Longer shelf life More than 100+ man years of experience made nTireCAMS readily deployable for any Industry.

nTireCAMS can be deployed within 4 weeks and has inbuilt engines for uploading existing Assets quickly.nTireCAMS has also got Barcode / QR code / RFID generation utility with which They can be generated and printed. No need for any Barcode / RFID / RQ code guns to read these as smart phones can be used for the same.

nTireCAMS is 100% web based solution and is accessible across your LAN, WAN, Intranet, and Internet. Being a web-based “n-tier” product, maintenance of nTireCAMS is a seamless / easy process. nTireCAMS can be accessed across any Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, iPADs, Smart Phones irrespective of their Operating System.nTireCAMS is also Certified for access from any Standard Browsers like IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Default Mobile Browsers etc.

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