Company secretarial software is used by the internal legal department to track company records and other records required to comply with various regulations. This type of software is also used to share information and collect signatures with company executives, shareholders, and other stakeholders. Corporate document management is a common problem faced by small business internal legal departments, and there is various corporate secretarial software available to streamline these processes.


Secretarial work involves creating agendas, legal records, minutes, resolutions, filing forms, and more. Company Secretary Software is designed to save customers time in processing manual paperwork and speed up their work without sacrificing accuracy. Company Secretary Software has the following features:

•           Draft Resolution: Draft Board, AGM, EOGM Single Click Resolution

•           ROC Form: Prepare a PDF of the ROC Form Online

•           Minutes: Prepare Minutes for All Meetings

•           Formation Form: Prepare Registration Documents

•           Secretarial Audit: Perform customer secretarial audits using checklists

•           Letter: Key off-the-shelf drafts for departmental communication

•           Customer Data Management: In the Cloud, Anywhere

•           Case Research: All Government Agencies Read about previous cases.

•           Compliance Calendar: Don’t miss important dates for customers and their submissions.

Company Secretarial Software Importance

Save hours:

Schedule all compliance updates, resolution submissions, and more. Company SecretarySoftware enables most planning and automation of company secretary submission requirements. This allows directors to keep these materials up to date when needed. this. Company memorandums, Companies House filings, and all communications related to company management can be updated in real-time by logging in to the board portal. If a member of the board posts updates to other materials on the board portal, these are also logged, and the company secretary can confirm that they were created.

Priority Briefing:

Whether it’s the governance rules you need to understand or the changes in the markets in which your company serves, all this new data can be placed where directors can access it anytime, anywhere. The company secretary uses the software to send board documents to all board members, inform them about the meeting, update the minutes, set the minutes of the board, and the minutes from the board members. You can receive items, change your strategic plans, or discuss them. Above all, it was submitted among the members. Malaysia is a country that makes use of company secretarial software well. This is a smart choice and it reduces the work and saves more time in smart way.

Ensuring fast and secure board communication:

The company’s secretarial software or board portal provides board members with the opportunity to communicate with each other and with the company’s secretaries and management. This communication application should be completely secure. It must be protected by the highest level of threat protection and encryption. This secure and fast means of communication allows directors to use the devices and means they need. B. Phone, chat, messaging, email. This allows board members to discuss issues with each other or with the company’s secretary, CEO, or anyone they choose. It is also possible to limit access to these communications to specific board groups. This free white paper confirms the importance of using secure communication technology in your meeting room.

Conflict or Challenge Resolution:

Gather the Right People In the event of a conflict, or when the Board faces critical challenges such as crisis management, Company Secretary Software is a fast and efficient solution for resolving them. Provide. You can get the right people in seconds and all the information you need is always up to date on the board portal. The board runs faster and gives much better results.

Hardworking Corporate Secretary Software:

Hardworking Governance Cloud provides the most powerful and robust corporatesecretarial software available. Governance Cloud, the only integrated enterprise governance management solution that enables enterprises to achieve top-notch governance, is an ecosystem of software tools that digitize the various activities and tasks of the board. As organizations become more complex and more regulated, the scope of governance responsibilities changes. With Governance Cloud, the board can meet the needs of the board as well as the board by choosing the products they need. This allows the board to perform at its best and work within the allocated budget.


Nasdaq Boardvantage:

Nasdaq Boardvantage is board management software that helps corporate secretaries in any organization work better and faster. Simplify board preparation, prepare minutes, prepare minutes, and distribute materials to directors in one place. Assign tasks, track progress, initiate adjustments, get approvals, sign paperless documents. The built-in storage space keeps the board material safe and accessible whenever you need it. Users have access to our award-winning, 24/7 support team. This software is widely used in Malaysia.


GovEva’s unique pre-meeting and post-meeting features with integrated video conferencing facilitate discussions and decisions, enable an effective board of directors, and significantly improve the efficiency of the secretarial team. 24/7 support and a simple user interface make migration and adaptation to the platform quick and easy without major intervention. This software has a great market in Malaysia and it is a trustable software.


A common room for meeting preparation, document approval, communication, and follow-up work. Help everyone save time and get more out of the meeting. More and more companies are switching to iBabs to manage their board of directors. Cheaper, faster, and more reliable iBabs gives users complete control over account management in a way that suits them. Private and non-profit sector. Malaysia’s most reliable software is iBabs.


The Board of Directors must be informed, effective and easy to understand. The onboard board intelligence makes difficult process into simple ones hence helping to focus on the actual concept or target. In other words, to realize the company’s vision. Experience a board portal that facilitates decision making with intuitive data and analytics on any device, anytime, anywhere, in addition to records management systems for directors, executives and managers. Try it before investing in a  free trial. This software is used mostly in Malaysia.


Company Secretarial software maintains and manages company records and yearly submissions required to comply with local regulations. This type of software is also used to manage records and communications by executives and shareholders. Govenda works with all walks of peoples and industries in organizations of various sizes in the separate, general, and non-income sectors around the world. The most reliable company secretary software in Malaysia is Govenda.


Boardable is an all-in-one board management solution developed to simplify board planning, execution, and implementation. Boardable makes it easy to hold face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid meetings, create and share minutes, record minutes, store, and sign documents, create custom membership directories, assign tasks, digitally vote, and more. And it can be done intuitively. Boardable focuses on the board and other meetings and keeps them effective and attractive. Explore Boardable now with live demos or free trials.

Azeus Convene:

Azeus Convene is a poular and awarded corporate secretarial software that improves the meeting efficiency, right from conducting and providing board documents to taking, texting, and preparing actions. Its intuitive and easy-to-use features make it the first choice for public companies, SMBs, banks, governments, and nonprofits in more than 100 countries. Convene was developed by Azeus, a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 5 company with over 25 years of experience in IT development.

Decision Time Meeting:

Decision Time Meeting is a paperless meeting solution that simplifies the organizer’s formal meeting management, makes attendees more effective and reduces costs. This cloud-based application makes it easy to create, distribute, search, and manage all meetings, minutes, board packages, minutes, reports, and other documents. Decision Time Meetings is a easy platform that helps you to make decisions at the right time. It also saves money, time and energy also making right decisions at the same time. i


Aprio is an simple and neat  board management software that helps organizations to organize board making, improve board interest, and helps in  decision-making outside the board. This secure platform provides instant access to board materials from any device at any time and addresses the latest board priorities, including real-time collaboration and communications. Backed by a 24/7 support team of experienced board managers, Aprio provides excellent governance at an easy and affordable price.


Athennian’s trending cloud-based corporate secretarial solution is widely used by several popular law firms and in-house legal teams to effectively manage corporate data and compliance. Athennian’s technology makes it easy for corporate secretaries to implement entity governance without leaving Athennian through automatic filing, correction, and incorporation of financial statements. This software is widely used in Malaysia.

Bottom Line:

Company secretary software facilitates the work of company employees, saving time and money. In addition, all companies are legally required to keep their files in the Static Register and all electronic forms / annual returns online as part of the MCA21 project. You can manage electronic forms and documents much more effectively. It really makes the office paperless. It identifies all repetitive tasks and automates them. These are all about company secretary software.