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Standard barcode generating application can create the barcodes which are used in many industries to perform operational activities is particular way. 1.Publication and library sector: Barcodes are used in the publication sector to provide the security of details of books and publisher. Library management is properly arranged with the barcode technique. 2.Manufacturing and distribution sector: Product manufacturing process can be easily supervised by the barcode from any place. Goods distribution operation can be effectively operate with the barcodes. 3.Retail and inventory sector: Retailers can apply and create barcodes to arrange the fast and efficient checkout facility. Barcodes are widely used to control the inventory with absolute values. 4.Supply chain management: Barcodes are vey usable technique to track the shipment of products or goods. Barcodes helps to know about the location of order and the details about delivery. 5.Post office sector: Postal Services have barcode play an important role to identify the address of sender and receiver. Process of the letter shortlist is become easier via barcodes. 6.Warehousing sector: In the warehouse barcodes label used to control the inventory as well as product identification. Barcode assist to purchase the order and fulfil the customer delivery. 7.Medical sector: Barcodes are used in the hospital to provide the medicine availability to their patient. It can be allows to create a barcode for the patient which is included with complete details. Anyone can provide the medication by scanning barcodes to know all the information. 8.Academic sector: In the educational institute barcode is apply on the identification cards so that know about the details of students and teacher. Barcodes are used in the library books in the barcode based library management system


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