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leopoly is a free software

Free browser-based sculpting software called Leopoly has a limited set of tools available. Because of its ease of use, it is an excellent starting place for newcomers and students who want to master the skill of 3D modeling, customization, and printing their models. Without even creating an account, you may start creating a sculpture from scratch with a ball of digital clay or a base shape like a human body or face. There are only seven brushes and a variety of colors available as tools. 

You can produce and emboss letters and patterns on your model, and the mixing tool lets you add fresh, simple shapes to combine, eliminate, or intersect with the ones you already have. Leopoly is helpful if you are seeking someone else to 3D print your ideas because newly developed models may be quickly prepared for 3D printing and delivered to a 3D printing service bureau. Additionally, a fully integrated library consists of user-made models that may be used to improve or supplement your design.

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