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Online exam software by yoctel solutions. The objective is to achieve greatness in order to retain the educational assessments, with the purpose of conducting exams online and requiring little human work, we ensure a high-quality client experience.

The online examination software provides you a effective way of assessment with an interactive user interface.  This software is designed in a such way examiner and examinee can improve their communication between them.

This software is a web application designed in a way that not only benefits and helps the administration but has its advantage for the students as well. It holds the capacity to generate questions in multiple languages and of various exam types and patterns. It has a separate admin as well as a student panel to cater to the needs and requirements individually and appropriately. This online quiz software limits the amount of time the user has per question. The time limit can be specified for each section. If the time limit is specified, the section must be completed within the specified time.


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Small Business, Medium Sized Business, Large Business

Do we get admin control of the online test platform?
yes, you will get admin rights for your account and you will be able to do all Admin related activities in EOA.
Does it support multi language question paper
Yes! It supports any language in which a question paper can be typed on MS Word. But the indexing of questions or options and markers should be in the prescribed form.
What are the provisions for security and secrecy of our questions uploaded for tests?
There will be written agreement between our client and Yoctel that Yoctel will neither use nor circulate the questions provided by you. Never the less the questions are stored in the database encrypting the major part of the questions. Hence even someone attempts to retrieve the questions directly from the database, will not be able to get usable data.

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