PDFs are portable document files created to capture all the attributes of a printed document as an electronic image.  You can view, print, navigate, or send them to someone else. What benefits does PFD provide your business? 

PDFs are easily created and can easily be accessed by many users allowing collaboration across multiple platforms.  They are easily compressible to create smaller file sizes that can be shared easily. PDFs can be encrypted to send secure information easily to other individuals. 

Below we look at the four ways PDFs are beneficial to your business. 


PDFs are created independently using Abobe Acrobat or Abobe Capture. They are not tied to any singular platform and are compatible with every operating system.  As long as you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your device you will be able to open and read the documents. The PDF format is also excellent for creating a printable document. 

This will allow the PDF to be opened and read by anyone regardless of the device they use. They will be able to share the PDF or store it for future use on any device they may use to access it. It will also allow individuals that may have a visual impairment to use screen reading software to access the PDFs. 

They can also easily be translated into other languages to share and collaborate with individuals around the globe. 

Sharing and Collaboration Ready

PDF files are easily shareable since they are available on all platforms. They will look the same on any device and allow each user of the PDF to make or suggest changes, sign the document, and share it electronically.  They take up less space and can easily be compressed to send via email or uploaded without the issues of larger files. 

Their smaller size aslo allows them to be put and shared via removable media such as a USB or other portable drives. They are also resistant to being corrupted and give you the confidence that the file will still be usable when it is inserted into a device for extraction. 

Secure and Can Be Encrypted

PDFs can be encrypted and offer a secure way to easily send personal information to other people. Since they are encrypted, only the intended user will be able to access the data. They can also be formatted to be difficult to edit to ensure the data isn’t changed without authorization. 

PDFs can be equipped with a password to protect the document and only allow those with the password to access the document. This adds extra layers of security that other document formats are unable to provide. PDFs can also be signed electronically, giving the document sender and receiver a way to verify the authenticity of the document. 

Easy to Create or Edit 

PDFs are easily created using Adobe Acrobat. They can also be customized and change the way the document looks without compromising the data on the document. This will allow you to adjust the margins, font, and page orientation as needed without dramatically affecting the document. 

When editing the PDF the users can use PFD annotations. What are PDF annotations? They are suggestions that are added to the document mich like sticky notes that will allow anyone with access to suggest changes without actually making any changes to the document. 


PDFs are easily created and transferred between multiple devices allowing many users to collaborate on a single document. They can be encrypted to ensure the PDF remains secure and can only be accessed by the intended parties.