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Healthcare barcode maker software generates barcode that can improve healthcare outcomes. The information encoded in barcode software must be accurate in order to ensure patient safety. Here are some ways hospital can ensure patient safety: 1- Use High Quality Barcode Scanner: Barcode are encoded with useful information about patient and hospital should use high quality barcode scanner in order to ensure that the information stored in barcode label are decoded properly. 2-Verify Barcode: Hospital staff should regularly verify barcode images in order to ensure right information is encode in barcode image. 3-Regularly Check and Maintain Equipment: Hospital staff should regularly check and maintain equipment to ensure optimal performance and accuracy. 4- Train staff: Hospital should provide staff with proper in-depth training on how to effectively use barcode technology. *Why to use barcodes in healthcare industry: 1-Patient identification: Barcode can be used in making patient wristbands which enables healthcare service provider to identify patient and retrieve patient medical history. Using barcode in healthcare system reduces error and improve patient safety. 2-Medication Administration: Barcode generated from healthcare barcode software can be scanned and matched with electronic health record’s ensuring right medication is given to right patient. 3-Analytics: Barcode system can provide hospitals with data and analytics on patient health, workflow. This information can be used to improve inefficiency in hospital management. 4- Lab Specimen Tracking: Barcode can be used to label lab specimen which can be tracked to avoid medical error. 5- Inventory Management: Barcode label can be used as unique identifier that can be used to track medical supplies, equipment, and medications, allowing the hospital staff to easily monitor inventory levels, reduce waste, and optimize purchasing and restocking.

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