Let’s face and admit it – you can’t live without your MacBook within a day. Yes, Macs are everywhere and help us to do reports, save documents, or even watch an HD movie. You’ll agree that MacBooks become our closest buddy when it comes to doing school projects or doing presentations for work.  

Don’t worry! You can clean your Mac to keep your Mac running smoothly in no time. But that’s not that all.

You need to make extra effort to prolong the life of your MacBook. Here are20 simple and awesome tips you can try to save your Mac’s life and keep it running for years!

1.   Essential Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance on your Mac wouldn’t hurt your time even if you have projects to do. Routine maintenance doesn’t only save your Mac’s life but also helps you determine problems that can cause more headaches in the future. This should also include having a proper antivirus, especially if you use Mac for work.

2.   Replace the Battery

You might hear complaints that Mac’s battery isn’t charging or runs short when charged. Don’t let this happen to your old MacBook! It’s best to replace the battery of your Mac.

3.   Clean Your MacBook

Now, we come to the obvious – cleaning your MacBook. Did you think that cleaning your Mac would aid it running in lower temperatures? In doing so, your Mac’s internal components wouldn’t be damaged.

4.   Keep Mac Away From Pillows

Blocked airflow can affect the performance of your Mac. This happens when you put the computer over a pillow. So, don’t place your Mac on pillows in order not to block the airflow.

5.   Mac Hardware Upgrades

It’s time to upgrade Mac’s hardware once you notice it’s slowing down.  A few solutions you can do increase RAM and disk storage of your computer. You can use clean my Mac to increase Mac resources.

6.   Update Your Software

Out of date software affects the performance of your Mac. So, it’s best to keep your Mac’s software up to date all the time.to fix performance and security fixes.

7.   Back-Up Often

Failure might happen when you’re using your MacBook for many years. Thus, don’t forget to upgrade and back up often to extend the life of your Mac.

8.   Get a Solid State Drive (SSD)

Mac’s aren’t 100% durable, so it’s best to do a little upgrade – buy an SSD. In this way, you’ll improve the performance of your MacBook and make it more durable!

9.   Don’t Keep the Mac Drive Full

It’s a common advice for laptop users not to fill up the computer’s drive. If you do, your Mac will keep on re-organizing and re-writing data. That’s a frustrating task. Trust me.

10.   Restore the Original State of Your MacBook

Your Mac would run longer if you restore its original state each year. But don’t forget to back up your Mac so that you don’t face the hassles of retrieving your documents.

11.   Check For Damaged Files

Unwanted and damaged files can affect the overall performance of your MacBook. You can check and remove unwanted/damaged files with clean my Mac – a reliable buddy of your MacBook.

12.   Check Your Charger Often

A charger that’s plugged to your Mac all the time can damage the battery. It’s best to remove the charger when it reaches 100%.

13.   Turn Off Your MacBook Periodically

Like Android phones, your MacBook also needs a rest. Turn off your computer when you’re not using it to make it run longer.

14.   Determine Mac’s Battery Cycle Count

A MacBook’s cycle count is essential in maintaining the life of your computer. Find the computer’s cycle count by clicking the Apple icon.

15.   Upgrade Your RAM

Graphics-heavy programs such as Photoshop put a strain to your MacBook.  If you’re using this program, it’s best to upgrade Mac’s RAM. The computer would run efficiently.

16.   Install OneTab

OneTab isn’t only a handy extension for chrome but also reduces the CPU load of your Mac and frees up RAM.

17.    Empty Computer Trash

Computer trash causes your MacBook to run slowly, so it’s best to clean it each day.

18.   Use and  Wrap Your Charger Correctly

The long life of your Mac also depends on the condition of your charger, so use and wrap it the right way.

19.   Use A Keyboard Protector

A keyboard protector is very handy not only in keeping your Mac’s keyboard safe but also in the computer as well.

20.   Use A Ventilated Case

Like most computers, the MacBook screen is also delicate, so you should buy a ventilated case to protect the laptop’s screen.

Macs don’t last forever. You’ll be surprised one day to see that your Mac isn’t working properly. Well, there are many reasons for that, such as junk files, viruses, and malware that you’re not aware of.

Your MacBook can serve you better if you take care of it. Keep in mind these essential tips and expect a longer life of your MacBook.