Do you know that you need Instagram to promote the mobile app? You also have to understand that ad revenues of Instagram have made $2.81 billion with a login of 60% users regularly. For yourself, you definitely need a piece of cake. For this, you need to find out how would you be able to start and maximize the potential of Instagram Ads to get mobile app downloads.  

Luckily, you are not alone to walk on this track, so it shows that lots of examples are there to follow. Let’s have a look at a few points you need to consider.

The Composition of an Instagram Ad

Building an ad and marketing campaign of Instagram might be time-consuming and testing. Minimally, you have to settle on each of the below-given factors for your campaign:

  • The goal of your campaign: Likely it is to get installs of your app; however, most probably send people to your website.
  • Photo or video: By now, for app install ads carousels are not accessible.
  • CTA or call to action option A caption that featured interest and display the visual content. 
  • Add one or more hashtags to keep your ad discoverable. 

For more relevant hashtags, you need to access reliable Instagram hashtag generator that can extremely help you.

In the tips given below, you can find more than that, but as you are making Instagram ads, keep in mind that you will also have to get the benefit of targeting capacity of Facebook that allows you to grow the audience by demographics, behaviours and interests.

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Instagram Ad Charges

As in your Facebook Ad campaigns, you may need to set a daily or lifetime plan to keep your costs under control. You will also have an option of how your ads must be optimized for delivery. For instance, you can do it by link clicks, daily unique reach or impressions, and whether your bids may be positioned automatically or manually.

How Instagram Ads Work

By using Facebook Ads, you can run Instagram Ads platform, which means you will have to begin with the following tips:

Make a Facebook Business Manager Account.

Connect your Instagram account to the Business Manager Account, or you can make a new Instagram account and link it.

With the Facebook platform, you need to register your app and enter all the information appropriately.

Facebook ad creation tool is ready to use after your account gets registered.

With Instagram Ads Drive Downloads

You might have knowledge about the fundamentals of Instagram ads since the subject is quite covered online. This article is sharing the best tips for driving mobile app downloads with Instagram. Don’t think you have to do everything on the list all at once. Pick a handful of tricks that seem like they will make the biggest difference in your campaigns and begin there. Check your results and regulate your advertising approach as you go.

Target Instagram Only Placements

Well, it is not a brainer kind, but when you are setting the position of your ads, you need to believe intending displays on Instagram. If you still need to expand your brand worth and reach, you have to text placements on the Mobile News Feed. Since most of the Instagram users reach the platform through mobile devices and audience network.

Targeting by Device Type

If your app is one of those that don’t work on both iOS and Android, you don’t need to waste targeting users spend ad on the unsupported platform. While finalizing your ad, you are allowed to select displays on iOS, Android and featured mobile devices. Pick up the right one that targets to minimize unwanted spend.  

Target by Connection Type

Finally, yet importantly, make sure to test ads that display only when they detect users are on WiFi networks. Restrict the likelihood that Instagram users based on data will ignore the ads by implementing this simple tip.

To drive mobile app installs, you can utilize Instagram Ads just as everything else online comes with a learning curl. Each and every point given above shows a better starting edge; however, you will find out more essentially in succession campaigns as compared to ever reading about them.

Over to You

With all the tips mentioned above, you can start right now. Keep an eye on your results and improve your campaign as much as you can. Without wasting any time, you can be on the route to driving a steady stream of new app users. You must be thankful to Instagram ads.