For making a mark in this world, you may either hand on the things’ coattails that are having momentum or you may create all momentum on your own. It is Mark Sugden’s mantra. He is the business development and partnerships head at Near Protocol. He said that he left his fintech job for joining NEAR as he feels with blockchains it is great to begin early.  He was attracted by the laser focus of the team NEAR to develop the best tech they can. Other chains are seen to stay highly focussed on all hype marketing and alluring attention and community at first. NEAR’s team talks about the opposite approach. He said that the founders along with the developer at NEAR are working dedicatedly to ensure they have a practical and working solution. Thus people can make use of it for building trading app with full confidence.

Re-image today’s world

NEAR empowers many to start inventing and exploring new experiences via simple, secure as well as scalable technology. Business, community, and creativity are reimagined for a highly sustainable and very inclusive future.

If you are interested in creating a decentralized app, this NEAR Protocol can be your ultimate solution. It is one such software that will incentivize a computer network for operating a platform for many developers.

Just imagine if there was one way of creating dApps without any worry regarding the cost or complexity to run your network? NEAR is one of the new software that will let the developer do exactly that. With it, you will be able to build dApps on top of one secure as well as scalable network. It makes it easy for people to launch their dApps without any worry regarding the underlying infrastructure.

It is a blockchain protocol. It will enable fast, scalable as well as user-friendly apps. Created on a sharded PoS mechanism of consensus it let the network process all transactions fast and securely. It also has features like state sharding along with cross-shard communication. It makes it very scalable.

NEAR is the token of this protocol. It is the blockchain’s native currency. It is used for paying transaction fees and other costs related to the platform. These tokens are needed to stake. It will let users earn some rewards to participate in the process of consensus. It aids in securing the network. They can too be used for voting on decisions of governance and helping shape the future of the protocol.

Its main aim is making it simple for any developer to create and then launch dApps. This protocol is designed to be efficient and scalable. With sharding, this network can process many transactions.

All about NEAR protocol:

If you worry about the stability of the network, downtime, or lags, then it can fast become pressure on all developers who can migrate easily to another highly stable platform. For avoiding this, NEAR’s team took the technology first and no marketing approach for developing this blockchain.

The unique sharding mechanism of NEAR is part of that technology Mark Sugden referred to. It allows the blockchain of NEAR to completely separate itself into different and totally independent parts. It means that a project or any enterprise can be constructed on a specific shard and also create a private one. Other projects or dApps will not impact it.

Currently NEAR operates on four unique shards. Yet Sugden notes this number will exponentially grow with the gain of momentum of the blockchain. Sharding is not the only thing that NEAR brings either. The goal of this protocol was creating one environment that should be as simple as possible not only for end-users but also for developers. If the latter do not find this blockchain easy for working with, they will be unable to create something users will find beneficial and easy for using.

Yet he noted that it will be taking a lot of time than only good technology for getting individuals on board. This protocol provides developers with the tooling and courses they require to conquer the blockchain and the programming language. It too provides alluring incentives, giving developers one portion of the transaction fees of their smart contract process.


NEAR protocol’s end goal is creating a platform that creators and developers will wish to build on. By giving simple tech that is easily scalable, they will provide developers the confidence to build and create innovative and beneficial apps. This was mentioned by Mark Sugden. Also log on to Bitcoin smart for crypto trading, an official website that simplified trading.