For anyone who has thought of owning a mini home, the idea of building it without having to hire a builder would have crossed the mind of such a person. After all, it’s a tiny home, how hard can it be right? Well, many factors need to be considered before one can accurately answer that question.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll discuss the option of building a mini home yourself versus hiring a professional builder. Our discussion will provide you with a clear understanding that will enable you to evaluate if you can carry out the project yourself.

Building the Mini Home Yourself

To build yourself, you’ll need to either make plans or buy them. Apart from that, if you don’t have construction knowledge, you’ll have to learn from books and probably YouTube to help you in your task. Check out this video that shows how to build a mini home.

If you choose this option, here are benefits you stand to gain:

1. You save Money

Even if you choose to pay yourself for building the tiny house (as motivation), the money still comes back to you. Therefore, you get to save money that would have been given to a builder. You’ll only have to spend money on are the materials you’ll use.

2. You Acquire New Skills

There’s nothing as exciting as being able to carry out a project of this kind irrespective of your construction skills. The fact is that during the project you are bound to learn one or two skills. This is especially true for newbies.

3. You Get a 100% Unique Home

The uniqueness of your home depends on whether you designed the plan yourself or you bought a premade plan. If you designed it yourself, then your home will be unique and according to your taste.

4. You Get to Brag about your Achievement

Well, if you are a professional builder there might not be much to brag about. However, if you are still learning the ropes of construction, it will be a huger bragging right to tell folks that you built the tiny house all by yourself. Such an achievement is worth blowing your own trumpet for.

Hiring a Builder

You could hire an Ottawa mini homes builder to join you in the construction or hand over the entire construction to them. Why should you choose this route? Check out the reasons below:

1. Solo Construction can be challenging

This is a fact that cannot be denied no matter how much construction experience you have. There are certain points during the project that will require more than one person to make the job easier. Therefore, having someone who helps out during those challenging points can make the job much easier.

2. Fewer Mistakes will be made

If you are trying this for the first time, there is every tendency that you’ll make mistakes as you carry out the construction. Depending on the severity of the mistakes, you might end up spending much more than you would have if you had a helping hand. With a professional around, they’ll help in preventing those mistakes that you would have made.  

3. The Job is Faster

It is estimated that you’ll need to spend 800 hours if you want to build a mini home. Imagine having to cover these hours alone, how long will it take you to complete the job?

Let’s say you put in 20 hours every week, you’ll need about 40 weeks which is nearly a year to complete the building. However, if you involved someone else to join you, the work will be faster.

4. Higher Chance of Finishing

When you work alone, you are bound to get discouraged and might likely give up along the way. But if you had hired help, you will be motivated to complete the project given the money you have paid for the labor. Apart from that, you will feel a sort of accountability to them which will keep you on course.


Should you build your mini home yourself or hire a builder? Well, the answer depends on your skills and ability to complete the task. You get to enjoy certain benefits if you DIY.