Ever try applying for a job through a company website? It’s a mess. The fonts are tiny and illegible. The navigation can be difficult and confusing. The forms themselves can vary depending on what web browser the applicant is using. Applying for a job online feels archaic—a poor introduction to your company.

No wonder companies are struggling to find employees. According to a recent poll by Goldman Sachs, small businesses list “finding employees” as their number one concern in 2022. 

Regarding the current worker shortage, the job application process may be part of the problem. Text recruitment software can make a recruiter’s lives easier, transmitting job submissions at the touch of a button. 

Old VS New — Advancements in Recruitment

As a new advance in technology, Text Recruitment software may seem alien to some. But progress is sorely needed. Most traditional methods of reaching out to potential employees have serious shortcomings.

For example, most traditionally-minded recruiters send emails to contact applicants. But email is often ignored. Almost 80% of all emails go unread!

So, your laboriously constructed contact email may as well go right into the garbage. When trying to reach top applicants, email technology is about as useful as the telegraph.

Companies may attempt contacting applicants through person-to-person phone calls, instead of using text to apply software. This tactic is a mistake. Person-to-person phone calls eat up a lot of time on the company’s part, making this approach a liability. 

Even worse, applicants rarely pick up the phone anymore, instead using call screening to avoid telemarketers and scam artists. So, person-to-person phone calls are no longer an option.

Instead, using text recruitment software, recruiters can reach out via texting — a mode of communication with an over 90% response rate! 

Please ‘Text to Apply’

Not only does competent text recruitment software allow recruiters to reach candidates more easily, it also makes resume tracking much easier. 

No longer will your place of business be inundated with job applications. Instead, everything will be organized and at your fingertips. 

Remember, the convenience provided by text to apply software is for both applicant and job provider. So you will have access to applicant information via your smartphone, instead of needing to haul around paper applications or manage a website in WordPress.

What About the ROI?

Of course, these programs cost money. Some companies may decide that text to apply software just isn’t worth the expense. But they would be wrong.

Consider how much of a liability an uninspired employee can be. According to some estimates, a lackluster employee can cost a company up to 30% of the employee’s first year earnings, according to the US Department of Labor. Compared to that loss, this software seems like a relative bargain!

Other employee-related expenses may also be mitigated by Text Recruitment Software. For instance, your onboarding times may be reduced, and your turnover rates may go down. After all, the more efficient your recruitment process, the more likely it is that you will find the right person for the job. 

Tips and Strategies

As with any new way to communicate, text recruitment software has a bit of a learning curve. Here are a few suggestions to achieve your hiring goals.

Consider the tones of your company’s texts. While a little familiarity may be a good thing, avoid inappropriate emojis or slang. For instance, a text to a prospective employee saying “You didn’t get the job. :-(“ may gain your company some notoriety on social media. However, it may not be for the right reasons.

Make sure to brand all of your content. It adds an air of legitimacy, and reminds the applicant of your presence. Generic texts may be discarded as illegitimate. Templates with your company’s information are invaluable, and will save your employees a lot of time.

Place QR code posters linked to your recruitment software in highly-visible places. For example, placing a QR code poster in your restaurant will ensure that everyone eating there realizes that you are hiring. 

Of course, ensure that you follow-up with prospective employees. Nothing is quite as frustrating to an applicant as an employer who has suddenly “disappeared”, and the last thing your company needs is a reputation for mistreating job applicants.

Similarly, you want to avoid spamming applicants with texts. If an applicant suddenly disappears, send one or two additional texts. If those are not answered, assume that the individual has found employment elsewhere.

The End…or Just the Beginning?

The benefits of using Text Recruitment Software to find your next employee far outweigh any negatives. From finding the right person for your company to reducing turnover, these programs can help your company to function effectively.

It’s time for your company to embrace the smartphone age. Deemphasize outmoded communications like email. Adopt text to apply software and enjoy an easier, more efficient recruitment process.