In this advanced world, running a business successfully is not an easy game for many people. It doesn’t matter where the business maybe, a small scale or large scale business and for every business maintaining the accounts is essential. Many people have thought that maintaining an account is so simple, but it is highly a task to maintain accurate accounts for every business. To reduce the difficulty, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was designed. It is the best accounting software to maintain the company database easily. Business people benefit more from ERP software, covering finance, manufacturing, supply chain, and human resources. 

When you have effective ERP software, your business will reach a high position in the market. It provides stress-free to many business people because handling the traditional method of accounting has various confusion and pressure. In contrast, the modern accounting method is easy for even bank details maintenance safely. Nowadays, Singapore has become the provider of ERP to many companies and has become the top in the list. In this post, you are going to look at the top 10 ERP software in Singapore.

The Top 10 ERP software in Singapore

There are several software solutions for those providing ERP in Singapore, and here is the list of the top 10 ERP companies in Singapore. 

1. Hashmicro:

Among the various companies, Hashmicro is one of the leading ERP software providers in Singapore. They have more years of experience in this field, and it holds a special reputation in customer’s view. Many top companies trust Hashmicro to automate their every business operation, and the huge reason behind this trust is their flexibility in adjusting the system according to the company workflows. It was founded in Singapore and Indonesia in the year 2015. Apart from ERP software, they also provide accounting software, Inventory management software, CRM software etc. It was designed software for more than 15 different industries where anyone who belongs to your company can use this software without additional costs. They recently made a heavy investment in robust modules, and they are coming with unlimited users and advanced reporting. They already don’t face many failures wherever they go and have positive impacts, but they are still working hard to reduce the possibilities of failure. 

2. Oracle NetSuite:

NetSuite is one of the best choices for ERP software which helps run both small and large scale businesses. Oracle acquired NetSuite, and then they formed Oracle NetSuite. They provide flexible service to their customers, and most outstandinglyit is in the top ranking in many editors’ minds. The company runs by providing business software to more than 200 countries worldwide, and they have won 80 awards from an industry group. People in Singapore prefer this company for its flexibility, business intelligence for all, designed for modern companies, and the main thing is commerce ready ERP. This company is reviewed as one of the finest cloud ERP software in Singapore.

3. Sage Intacct:

Every ERP provider in Singapore has heavy competition, and each one gives their best in software service where the customers are satisfied. In this, Sage Intacct is also one of the competitive companies to others in providing ERP software. This company’s full focus aims to fulfil the customer’s financial needs and always put 100% in meeting the cloud and expected to have 100% customer’s success. As it is a cloud-based company, ERP software is just a part of their work. They also have other financial features like multidimensional General Ledger to modules like sales tax, subscription billing and revenue recognition. They keep on growing and moving their tracks from million people to billion people’s satisfaction in ERP software.

4. Epicor:

Epicor Company is the best answer when you think about a company that can act effectively in both local and international cloud business. For providing a solution to businesses, this company is the world’s premier partner, incorporating solutions to help and solve their client’s needs. It was located in a shopping mall of Singapore named Novena square, where it can handle both local and international business by providing cloud-based ERP. The usage of ERP software is to increase the implementation, improve mobility and for many sales updates and upgrades. Epicor’s cloud ERP software will be your business solution for meaningful solutions that support companies to increase effectiveness and manage the difficulty. 

5. SAP: 

To run your business under a single system, organizations worldwide are using SAP ERP software. In a company, there are various departments like human resources, Supply chain, manufacturing and finance and this ERP software helps manage and control everything on it. All the updates and innovations will take place continuously through clouds. The SAP Company has an effective and dedicated team to support and solve the customer’s needs 24/7. They had 40 years of experience in this Enterprise resource planning in many industries and business sizes. In this company, they are using the latest technology for future purposes. As this company was built with high tech infrastructure and holds a good reputation, there is safety for data protection and security threats. And also has flexibility for customers’ needs where they use public or private cloud according to the customer needs.


EQUIP is one of the great ERP platforms which serves many industries as well. The main target of this solution is businesses with difficult processes and having a growth plan. This system is cloud-based and can be accessed from any device. Here you can set customized packages that will suit your industry needs. It is very scalable and powerful data and, it will help your managers make enhanced business decisions. The variety of features is wide-ranging and covers business needs like sales, supply management, inventory, RFID etc. Business intelligence features will allow for data and analytics to be visualized in various charts, reports, and actionable insights. 

7. Kafee:

Kafee is one of the top solutions for ERP software in Singapore that target specific areas and sectors. In the food and beverage industry, it has developed a business automation platform. When it comes to organizing orders and tracking sales, running a firm in that area can be challenging. As a result, Kafee offers end-to-end solutions accessible via online and mobile devices, allowing for optimum productivity. It comes in three different bundles, depending on your needs or the size of your company. What’s great about Kafee is that its most basic version already includes sophisticated and enterprise-like business needs. A greater upgrade will provide you infinite users and outlets, while a lower upgrade will give you full functionality.

8. Koneksi:

Koneksi is also one of the top cloud ERP software in Singapore for retail enterprises in the small to medium-sized category. The system works on any device and provides users with real-time data so they can make better decisions. It accomplishes this by allowing retailers to access business performance data on demand. Sales and order management, auto reordering stocks, inventory management, supplier management, POS, and accounting are all included in the platform. Data is always backed up because it is cloud-based. You will get satisfaction in this company as they are providing guarantee for that.

9. Synergix Technologies:

Synergix Technologies was founded in year 1990 and now grown to become one of Singapore’s leading cloud-based ERP providers. Synergix Technologies delivers a comprehensive ERP system software solution for many local firms. As one of Singapore’s leading local and principal system developers, they have continued to assist small and medium-sized businesses. Synergix Technologies ensures that their ERP systems suit your demands regardless of the industry with nearly 30 years of experience. Thanks to a fully configurable and integrated ERP solution, Synergix Technologies can simplify access, maintenance, and the ability to run on any server and operating system. With the cloud-based ERP system from Synergix Technologies, you can focus solely on running your operations and business.

10.  Syspro:

For optimized cost control, improved productivity and streamlined business process, SYSPRO provide actionable insight through ERP software. It has the latest release, which provides more benefits to many business people. It includes 24 hours customer services, flexibility to arrange on-premise, industry-specific functions in the cloud or both. The major motto of this company is to reduce the difficulties and add importance to the value of manufacturers and distributors. 

 Bottom line: 

Thus these are the top 10 ERP software solutions in Singapore. Before contacting any companies regarding the ERP software, you should consider many things like reputation, budget, flexibility, and many things because this ERP software will decide your business’s success range and help manage your business. You have an effective ERP system will result in increasing sales, reducing accounting mistakes and many. In this fastest world, without having updated ERP software with you, you cannot succeed anything your business, and your business will stay back without improvement. Get accurate ERP software that will meet your business needs. You can also contact the companies as mentioned above through direct visit, or you can contact them in an e-mail to get the details about the features of ERP software in their company.