A new year marks a new academic session for many schools, and it comes with new responsibilities. From registering new students to marking attendances, organizing the payroll system, and making incident reports, there’s often too much to handle.

Even though you can handle these activities manually, with the help of your administrative team, it’s so much rigorous, time-consuming paperwork that can put your efficiency and productivity at stake. 

However, by introducing efficient school management software into the mix, you can save your administrative team lots of time and manage your administrative processes better in the new school year. 

Ready to select the best school management tool but don’t know how to go about it? This article will help you get started. 

In this article, we selected the best school management software you can adopt in 2022 based on their functionality and efficiency. We also discussed why we think they would be excellent to improve your school administration game in 2022. 

Let’s take a look.

The 5 best school management tools for 2022

The right school management software closes the gap between the school, its employees, students, and parents. It connects everyone to improve the school’s management and communication system. 

Here are the top five school management software that can set your school administration and management system for success in 2022. 


Brightwheel is an all-in-one platform for schools looking to manage their staff, improve their school parents’ communication and grow the business aspect of the school. 

One of the top benefits you will experience with the Brightwheel management software in 2022 is efficient time management. 

It will help you save tons of time by reducing your paperwork and automating many administrative and management tasks. For example, you can introduce digital check-in instead of paper check-ins both for your staff and employees. 

You can also use auto-pay options to manage your billing system. 

What’s more? You will be able to run reports quickly too. Rather than make countless attendance reports on paper, you can digitize this process and run attendance and payroll reports online. 

Additionally, you will be able to centralize your database for easy access and management. You will manage your employees, students, and parents from one place, making it easier and faster to carry the team along and make administrative decisions. 

If you are looking to choose a School Administration Software that will facilitate your processes in 2022, you should consider the Brightwheel school management tool. 

It manages everything from the payroll system, enrollment, learning plans, and more. It’s also pretty seamless to use, so you won’t have to go through a rigorous learning curve to get started. 

Megam Services

In 2022, the already existing online learning procedures may grow to adjust to the demands and shift in learning. 

If you hope to take learning beyond the four walls of the traditional classroom and make it flexible for students who want to learn from wherever they are in 2022, the Megam Services school administrative software may be the best for you.

It offers several resources to enable organizing classes and meetings online. You will be able to do anything from managing application processes, creating notes and attachments, managing enrolment checklists, and promoting community engagement from the platform. 

Users can access the platform from anywhere, so whether you are on trips collaborating with partners, you can still oversee activities and take management decisions on the app. 

You will be able to report and manage attendance on the dashboard and provide teachers with the tools they need to assign homework, plan and communicate with students effectively. 

Rather than record students’ scores on paper, your teachers will use this software to record students’ scores, making it faster and safer to keep students’ records. Your staff will report to you directly on the platform when they request leave and permission to take special classes for students. 

The key performance indicators feature also enables teachers to track their students’ performance. Through this, they will identify what areas students’ are lagging and figure out ways to help them improve. 

The Megam Services school management software is one of the best applications you can use to boost your school management and communication system in 2022. 

For example, you will send instant SMS to parents and teachers when required, and parents will be able to review their children’s attendance and performance to monitor their academic progress.


Fekara is a free school management software you can use to run basic administrative duties in 2022. It will allow you to manage students’ enrolment in the new session, record attendance and manage their examinations and report cards. 

It is a school management software you can operate easily. It is intuitive and simple to operate by everyone, including your teachers and other members of your team. 

One of the top perks of Fekara software management software is its ability to allow a seamless flow of communication among teachers, parents, and the schools’ administrative team. 

Parents, teachers, and administrative staff will share information easily on the app, ensuring effective collaboration and fostering good relationships. 

Additionally, it promotes efficient remote learning. Your teachers will create online classes and invite students and parents when required. You will be able to run basic administrative duties on the app. For example, you can organize timetables and schedule sessions and batches. 

Other than this, you will be able to schedule student reporting, automate emails, oversee management reports, and manage school finances. 

Fekara is a school management software to use if you want to better manage your students’ records in 2022. It comes with functional tools to input your students’ details, including their basic information, emergency contact details, and guardian information for easy access whenever you need to.

Additionally, you will be able to replace the traditional ways of recording students’ grades by automating this process on the platform and enabling parents to access it wherever they are. 


The Schoology school management software is an easy-to-use, cloud-based user-friendly software that will simplify complex administrative processes for your team in 2022.

It will help you manage administrative, finances, HR, and billing. It also specializes in curriculum management and system-wide sharing of resources. You can automate attendance, enrollment, e-learning, and navigate every aspect of your management process. 

One of the best things about Schoology school management software is its highly third-party integration features that allow the software to work with other applications. It also has student-performance tracking capabilities and a system-wide grading scale setup.

No matter where you are, you will be able to supervise and take charge of your school’s administrative process. You will be in tune with class schedules, examinations, send payment reminders, and monitor the school’s administrative progress. 

My Class Campus 

My Class Campus is an efficient school management software that will help you successfully manage your school’s e-learning program in 2022. 

It will also be helpful to streamline your processes if you run multiple branches. You will be able to access and manage all branches from a single platform, which will aid your organization and productivity. 

It also offers a flexible admission process that will allow parents to send in their students’ admission details from the comfort of their homes.

Additionally, you will be able to take your e-learning processes to a better place. You will be able to organize and manage live chats, e-assignments, run online tests and access accurate analytics about school activities. 

Another major highlight of using My Class Campus school management software in 2022 is that you will be able to open a digital learning academy if you want to. For example, you can create and sell courses online for students to access globally. 

A guide to choosing the best school management software in 2022 

There are specific qualities you should look out for when purchasing your school management software in 2022. Let’s check them out below: 


An excellent school management software should allow you to make changes whenever you need to. This is because the educational sector comes with uncertainties, and it’s difficult to know what to expect. 

Your school must be able to make changes to meet changing demands to grow, and rigid software won’t facilitate this process. So when you are adopting a school management software in 2022, you should figure out the level of flexibility it comes with before you make a purchase. 

Can you make changes? How often can you make these changes? What type of changes can you make? Finding answers to these questions will guide you to determine how flexible the software is. 

Ease of use

An excellent school management software is user-friendly and provides a straightforward process to use. 

When your school management software is intuitive, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to find your way around, making it easily accessible to everyone. 

To ensure it’s easy to use, try to test run it before purchase. This will give you insights into how simple to use it is and see if it’s what you and your team can work with. 

Long-term reliable support 

While your software may provide a seamless experience, there’s also a possibility that it may develop issues that require expert advice or troubleshooting. In cases like this, you will need to refer to customer support for assistance, and they have to be reliable to meet your needs in time. 

This is why opting for a school management software that can provide responsive customer support long-term is essential. Therefore, ensure to purchase from a trusted and reliable brand when making your purchase of school management software in 2022.


In this article, we discussed the top five school management software you can use in 2022 to improve your administrative and management process. 

They include Brightwheel, Megam Services, Fekara, SchoolBic, and My Class Campus. Use these tools to enhance your school’s interaction with the staff, students, and parents successfully in 2022.