Customer relationship management software (CRM) allows your organization to offer a seamless and unique experience to your customers. As well as building better relationships, it tracks your sales, organizes and prioritizes your opportunities, and enables collaboration between teams.


Starsolution is considered to be one of the leading Customer Relationship Management Software in Malaysia and serves in the Asia-Pacific region. It provides all the ammunition clients need to engage with their customers efficiently and effectively. This software is used to manage loyalty, cross-sell, up-sell, marketing automation, digital marketing, sales, customer service, outbound telemarketing, data, and analytics. Also, it is named the Best CRM Cloud Vendor of 2018 by Frost and Sullivan in Malaysia.


Claritascrm software is used to embark on the relationship with customers and ensures marketing, sales, and support. This software is used to target prospects, develop campaigns and manage leads, also to automate sales activities including contacts, accounts, opportunities, pipeline management, and sales forecasting. Some of its main features are effective marketing campaigns, increase sales success, and enhance customer experience.


Mason Software aims to preserve and promote the masonry industry by providing continuing education, promoting fair codes and standards, encouraging a safe work environment, recruiting future workers, and marketing the inherent benefits of masonry materials. The objectives and responsibilities of the Mason are Endeavor to develop and maintain the masonry industry. It is one of the topmost software mostly used in Malaysia to reach its milestones over all these years.


SecondCRM support all Asian languages, currencies, taxation, other local regulation

Almost all of the Asian cloud providers, SMS services, email services, payroll services, and accounting providers are integrated into our software. We have a huge experience working with 100’s of small, medium, and large customers, across multiple Asian countries. We Live in Asia,

Speak Asian languages, and have a Mission to make Asian Businesses more



The business needs of different companies are often served by different IT systems. Some companies use Quickbooks for their accounting and a different CRM system such as Sage for their business processes and workflows. Additionally, the firm may have an online booking system that forms part of a CRM application after which it will be integrated. It is crucial that these disparate systems interface with one another to provide accurate and robust information movement and handling. Plexure’s ability to connect these separate, independent components and modules within a cohesive whole is the result of careful analysis and feasibility studies


This software provides a platform to sell smarter, faster, and better. It focuses on business solutions to serve the customers and provide them with an affordable, ease-of-use, on-demand Customer Relationship Management software application, named Bee Solution. We provide a powerful customization feature and a complete suite of sales force automation tools that enable you to optimize your sales processes.


This software is a CRM system that combines sales force automation and customer service management. The system provides you with a 360-degree view of your customers. It enables you to collect vital data of your customers and generates more sales opportunities. It enhances customer management relationships and helps in business process automation such as convert leads into sales, schedule appointments and training for your customers, and manage sales opportunities for salesforce.


Reach has been creating simple, yet powerful business applications for small businesses to empower them with powerful tools over the last 10 years. You can fully automate and set your business on autopilot with Reach Accounting software. Some of its main features are Custom made to suit your business, Raises Invoices customized with your Branding, Tracks your Orders, Shows you Branchwise/ Sitewide Profitability, Day end reporting, Converts Invoices raised in Foreign

Currency to Rupees, Allows you to view the Reports on your Mobile, Gives

Multi-user Access controlled by the admin, Manages your Inventory, Day end reporting, Captures your Leads from emails and website directly, and Securely

Backs up your data online


This platform is used for CRM that provides online customer, marketing, and service support software and allows building existing and new customer relationships systematically. This is a web-based and groupware system and built on state-of-the-art technologies. This software is basically designed to support a paperless office with built-in workflow processes and is an enterprise-ready software mainly for small and medium businesses. This software offers mainly, Single platform to manage the company’s internal processes, Salesforce automation, On-premise CRM, Customizable software features, CRM Call Centre, Business intelligence CRM, Low CRM costs, and iPad CRM support.


Purpleconnect is a software used to provide a proven methodology and best practices guidelines for quality management, project management, change management and issue management ensures the success of every project engagement. This mainly focuses on unique, innovative, and practical CRM solutions that maximize the returns on your investments. Its main features are World-Class Solutions, Microsoft Certified Expert Team, Our Industry Experience, Our Strategic Partners, and Our Happy Customers.