CRM or Customer Relationship Management is for managing a company’s client database. Using Customer Relationship software for your business, you can not only manage the current customer database but also find new potential customers and also build data from the web about your current and potential claims about your brand or business. CRM software collects data from different platforms, the company’s website, phone, and email, marketing and social media. This data allows businesses to plan and develop strategies to drive sales growth and better meeting customer needs. It enhances the relationship between the business and the client, greatly contributing to customer loyalty.


Tigernix is an advanced software development company providing software across all technical platforms, operating systems and infrastructure to a global client base. Since its creation in 2006, Tigernix has experienced rapid growth, extending its services to all parts of the world. Tigernix is headquartered in Singapore and has its branches in all main locations such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and Sri Lanka. 

  • Tigernix focuses on innovative, high-quality and cost-effective software
  • It has an experienced business software team
  • Knowledge of software and business expertise
  • Meet and exceed customer requirements for software and business. 

Tigernix offers custom software solutions to make sure your business catapults itself instantly to a higher stage, with a noticeable increase in productivity, efficiency and increased ROI results. It acts as a catalyst for your business success through the use of futuristic computer consulting and training services. 

Some of the clients are:

  • Care community services Society
  • Institute of Technical Education
  • Life Mastery Academy
  • Warren Golf and Country Club
  • Pathlight School


Plexure is a software company that provides a diverse list of CRM and ERP solutions for various sectors. Plexure that tend to promote their solutions and neutral advice on the strategic and profitable CRM solutions that your company needs for its current and future success. They provide the CRM implementation which comes with a pre-enterprise analysis to you figure out what types of CRM service you need. Then they customize the right CRM platform for your business. They help you manage maintain and implement automated CRM within your organization. They provide a CRM platform that you can select from the following: Infor CRM, Sage CRM, Sage ACCPAC, Zoho CRM, SAP Hybris and ACT!

Some of the clients are:

  • JLT
  • itAxi
  • Sanyo
  • Fonterra
  • Pertapis
  • Knowng Wai Shul Hospital

NetSuite CRM

NetSuite provides Singapore companies with powerful cloud-based customer relationship management applications including sales force automation, Customer support and service, marketing automation and flexible customization in a cloud-based CRM software. They are one of the leading providers of business solutions, providing smart solutions to strengthen customer relationships and improve sales efficiency and promptly for both Singapore and abroad companies. Netsuite includes powerful applications to help organizations around the world manage commercial performance, order management, partner management and marketing efficiency. 

Some of the clients are:

  • SunMoon Food Company
  • Trenkology 3
  • AAE Mission
  • Image Mission
  • Teak & Mahogany

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM provides a wide range of categories and CRM systems to suit your needs invading Marketing cloud, Service cloud, sales cloud, Analyst cloud, Data cloud, Community Cloud, App Cloud and many more. They offer a full range of features and functionality at an affordable cost. Salesforce CRM increases revenue to grow revenue with a CRM app; you can easily take action from wherever you are and track all the sales activity. Salesforce CRM is client-centric with the pay-as-you-go model at the price for success is considerably lower. The company offers the customers accounts and contacts, lead and opportunities, forecasting, analytics, contact management, notification etc.

Salesforce CRM provides complete customer Management solutions and is fully mobile and covers all customer contact points and all stages of the customer life cycle, so that you can close deals, record calls and do everything wherever you are. It also gives sales and activity tracking instant updates for customers. 

Ascentis CRM

Ascentis CRM provides member management, campaign management, file management, email and contact communication engine and survey management. Their CRM focuses on creating customized and targeted marketing that translates into a rapid engagement. 

Some of the clients are:

  • Changi Airport
  • SPC
  • DFS
  • Wacoal
  • Crate & Barrel
  • TGI Friday
  • ORTO
  • Cedele
  • Astons
  • Aviva

Ascentis solution integrates easily with your POS system or other client procurement channels. This eliminates the barrier that prevents the brand from easily identifying, capturing and gathering customers’ information. When consolidating client data gathered from different engagement Points of contact, you’ll get information to satisfy, impress and re-engage customers at every step of their journey with your brand. Act in real-time with personalized, targeted communications across multiple channels, from email to mobile and social media. With a unified vision of your best clients, use the right engagement tools and methods to generate revenue, loyalty and promotion. With a broad range of APIs available, integration gives your brand a unique and unified view of your client, their journey and your return on investment. 


Ranosys provides two kinds of open source customer relationship maintenance systems VTiger CRM & Sugar CRM. They provide module development, CRM implementation and development, personalization, integration, migration and service and support for VTiger CRM. They provide consultation, web development, personalization, CRM integration, migration and upgrade, maintenance and assistance for Sugar CRM. They don’t show how much they charge for their CRM services on their website. You can directly contact them if you want.

Some of the clients are:

  • D-Link
  • McDonald’s
  • Singapore Post
  • Epson
  • Charles & Keith
  • National University Hospital
  • Singtel


Hashmicro customer relationship maintenance lets you manage your sellers, prospects, contacts, quotations, invoices and purchase orders. It also assists you in recording your calls and managing your email marketing. You can even take care of your pipelines with their customer relationship maintenance. They also do not explicitly mention how much they charge for the CRM services, so you can contact them by yourself if you want to know.

Some of the clients are:

  • Bee Choo Origin Group
  • Pergas
  • DBA
  • The gown Warehouse
  • HelaSpice
  • Abbot
  • UOB


Episcript specializes in custom software development, customer relationship maintenance solutions, EPR system, e-commerce development, data-based application, mobile application and web development. They provide a unique customized solution so that you can get a coordinated service for the whole project. You can work with small start-ups and large companies and can completely adapt our solutions to the exact requirements of the clients. With an emphasis on strategy and measurable ROI, they have a reputation for excellence in the planning, development, delivery and commercialization of world-class solutions. Episcript provides a fully personalized CRM system for your business. It is ensured to be user-friendly, easy to upgrade with the help of an Expert and an accessible cloud system. Their CRM services are also eligible to receive governmental grants. If you want to know about their CRM service charges, you can directly contact them.

Some of the clients are:

  • Keppel Corporation
  • Edu Thermal Avene
  • Petrofac
  • Beaufort
  • Nexus Group
  • Marquis Homestyling
  • TDS Singapore 


Infusionsoft Customer relationship maintenance organises your customer insights, presents your sales and leads the interaction history easily using dashboards and reports. It simplifies your business by utilizing hundreds of prominent applications. It automates your marketing and emails and makes it possible to test A/B for email and campaigns. You can construct sales channels and sales funnels to help you view your customer business in real-time. They offer customizable prices according to what you want and the price range can readily be seen. You can buy their CRM system from, certified partners. Scale-up marketing is an Infusionsoft CRM certified consultant. They also include:

  • One year subscription to Infusionsoft
  • Automated Marketing processes to reduce time and boost productivity
  • Automated campaigns to support leads more quickly
  • Automatic database migration
  • Integration of web form for capturing leads
  • Valuable video tutorials, live workshops and chart support
  • Small business succession plan for 90 days
  • Access to client insight strategies


Deskera CRM allows you to create campaigns and administer marketing automation with individuals as well as with companies. It sells more with nice landing pages and funnels with automated sales operations. They intuitively organize contacts into segments. You can import existing contacts through Excel, and drop them through webhooks. Deskera CRM helps you to find. Track and convert your prospects. After-sales support from their CRM allows you to monitor the sales flow within your company and website. They don’t explicitly mention their price on their website; you contact them by yourself if you want to know about their cost. 

Some of the clients are:

  • Clean Solutions
  • Diamond Aviation
  • Esmegen Group
  • Sports Fashion Pte Ltd
  • Sushi Tei

Bottom Line

CRM helps in enhancing any sales team and help for better search, sort and quality lead, increase target reach rates faster, follow up on sales opportunities systematically on time and prioritize follow up activities. The sales team must synchronize their activities and build on best practices. This will lead to better information sharing and more efficient worth with CRM. In addition, CRM improves the mobility of sellers because the database and all your business activities are accessible on several devices and from various locations.