ERP or in short Enterprise Resource System is very mandatory for any company or business. There are so many basic processes that must be needed in order to run a company. These core processes are HR, finance, manufacturing, supply chain, procurement, services, etc. The basic function of an ERP is to integrate all these systems and provide data at one point so that it becomes easy for the management to access it. It is not easy for any company present out there to collect the data from each and every system and integrate them so these companies use the ERP software. Apart from the basic services, ERP is working in many other ways too. It is helping in organizing each and every department of the company and providing the data of all the systems at one place which will further aid in the decision making of the company. The automation in the system makes everything easy and helps you in the organization of the process. It is very important to choose the best ERP for the management of the company. Here are the best ERP software companies in Chennai.

Ramco ERP

Ramco ERP is one of the most used and highly popular ERP systems in Chennai. It offers cognitive and post-modem software that will help in the management of the company. This is a cloud based software and hence can be accessed from any place without any hassle. Ramco also provides a chat boot option which will help in the management of daily schedule with the self service and lot of other benefits. Ramco manages ERP, HR & Payroll, Work order management, inventory control, quality management, transport management, time tracking, warehouse management, etc.

LOGIC Enterprise

LOGIC enterprise is the best ERP system that has been used by most of the companies in Chennai. LOGIC enterprise helps in management can be integrated with all the systems that are present in the company and are essential for the management of business. LOGIC enterprise offers customized ERP solutions based on the business. They believe that the requirement for each and every business is different so they take utmost care while designing the software. LOGIC ERP facilitates various organizational processes such as quality management, invoicing, accounts receivable, dispatching, manufacturing, HR & payroll management, dispatching and bank reconciliation are some of the services that can be accessed with the help of LOGIC enterprise.


PharmaSoft is the most reliable and popular ERP solution for pharmaceuticals company. It is developed by C-Square software solutions company who provide various types of services to the pharmaceutical business. C-Square can be considered as one stop solution for all the requirements of a pharmaceuticals company. PharmaSoft provides various features that are important for the running of a business. Some of the notable features that are provided by PharmaSoft are vendor management, audit trail, payment handling, email integration, warehouse management, etc.

Engineer ERP

Engineer ERP is a product which was developed by Got Software in order to support the construction industry. It is a perfect software for the civil engineers. There are so many other issues related to this engineer ERP which can be sorted out with ease. It gives a 15 days training period and after the training period the software goes live with all the required  data in hand. The engineer ERP provides all the features that are important while managing the construction industry. It even offers mobile support which makes the access of data easy. The customization can also be done without any hassle with the help of Engineer ERP.


Ecogreen is the one stop ERP solution for retail businesses. It has everything that is  important for the management of a business. Ecogreen takes care of all the requirements of a retail store and has been acting as a one stop solution for everything. It offers all the amazing features that are mandatory for an ERP system. Some of the amazing features of Ecogreen are audit trail, cloud computing, payment handling, multi- user login, sales tracking, vendor management, warehouse handling, inventory management, credit card payment processing management, etc. is a software which isn’t designed by considering one particular industry. It has everything that is essential for management and integration of a business. is a cloud software which means it is accessible from anywhere without any hassle. Some of the features that are catered by are budgeting, financial management, CRM, manufacturing, quality management, accounts receivable, sales, distribution, work order management, purchase order, integration capabilities. All the features that are provided by are basic features that are mandatory for any business present out there. It can be customized according to your business.


ZipERP has been designed for small and medium sized businesses. It is a cost effective solution which helps these small and medium sized businesses to shift from manual process to an automation system. The software doesn’t cater any fancy features. All the features present in ZipERP are the basic software requirements for any business. This software will help the SMBs to automate their business. Some of the features that are provided by ZipERP are CRM, HR and Payroll, accounting management, purchase management, sales management, inventory control, sales and distribution, accounts receivable, manufacturing, etc.

eLite ERP

eLite ERP is one of the best software available in the market for small and medium sized businesses. eLite ERP is a cost effective ERP solution for the small sized businesses which are on a particular budget. It allows the small budget companies to quickly move from the manual process to the automation process. It is a fully integrated business solution offering all the required features that are essential for running a business. The main features that are offered by eLite ERP are HR and payroll management, project management, taxation management, investment, product database, financial management, mobile support, etc. It is the best option for the small and medium sized businesses as it costs way more less than the other ERP software and offers commendable features too.

Wings ERP

A retail business management is very tough because there will be so many other things that must be managed apart from the sales and purchases. Wings ERP is designed especially for the retail business. This ERP gives complete control over all the departments of your business and makes the management very easy. The features present in Wings ERP are inventory management, quality management, business intelligence, sales and distribution, project management, employee database, supplier and purchase management, purchase order, field service management.

Coderobotics Multi Branch Software

This software is tailor made for restaurants. It helps the restaurant management to take care of all the branches of a restaurant from anywhere. All the features that are provided in this coderobotics multi branch software will help in managing the restaurant from anywhere in the world. The software is cloud based hence it can be accessed from anywhere at anytime without any hassle. The software provides payroll management, customer database, print receipts, cash management, wait list, food cost tracking, stock management, order tracking, etc features.