As technology continues to grow faster in all fields around the world, the hotel industry is beginning to achieve its benefits. Hotel management software has come a long way for hotel owners to improve their business operations. There is no doubt about the impact of that transformation. The latest asset management system helps streamline management systems and processes and improve the overall operation of the company. Here are some top 10 hotel software in Malaysia which helps the hotel owners to run their business successfully.

Advantages of hotel software:

1. Save time on administrative tasks

With the right hotel management software, you can significantly reduce the time on manual administrative tasks. The software does most of the work and allows you to spend time on more important tasks, such as servicing guests. More than any other software you use, the hotel management system affects all departments of the hotel. Front of house, revenue management, housekeeping … Choosing the right solution can save you a lot of time in almost every area of ​​your company while increasing employee productivity and satisfaction.

2. Build strong relationships with guests

Optimized check-in and check-outs improve guest satisfaction. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. From improving communication to additional services, everything enhances guest loyalty. Choosing the best asset management software can increase guest and employee retention.

3. Raise Your Online Awareness

Having the right software is an important factor in increasing your online presence. You can integrate guest-oriented software such as hotel booking engines, chatbots, and guest portals into your website design to instantly accept online bookings and feel like you’ve booked directly with your guests. Google evaluates and evaluates the user experience on its website, and those that provide a better user experience and user interface are ranked high in Google Search and other search engines.


Gracesoft’s Easy Innkeeping

Gracesoft released its first web-based application in 2005 and has installed it more than 1,500 times since then. This software is mostly used by all hotel owners in Malaysia.


Perform incoming operations, analyze and back up data, and even select different booking entry screens to customize your accommodation type accordingly. Users can use the colour-coded booking module to block rooms and check availability. Easy Innkeeping offers hourly online bookings for hotel facilities such as spas and boat rentals, as well as meeting room events. When it comes to marketing, Easy Innkeeping allows users to use online travel agencies (OTAs) such as Expedia and via a two-way interface with availability, pricing and booking that is automatically downloaded to the software. You can extend your marketing activities to the platform. Overlap. Easy Innkeeping is also mobile friendly and can be operated on both tablets and mobile devices. Live chat or telephone support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

eZee Frontdesk:

eZee Frontdesk is the second most familiar hotel management software in  after the in Malaysia after giant Oracle. It is designed for small, large and very large hotels and covers all aspects of asset management. Benefits of the users admire the ease of use of the system and the 24/7 live support team for troubleshooting system problems that occur. And that also applies to reviews. eZee staff will answer all comments in the review section of this software. Therefore, if you run into problems or want to communicate the status of your company, go there, and do a review. Some reviewers state that the software has many features and search options. The software provides comprehensive hotel management that simplifies hotel operations, including channel managers, booking engines that can be booked from websites, and even restaurant point-of-sale systems. This software is considered as one reliable software in Malaysia.


 GuestTracker is a reliable and widely used hotel software option that has served its customers for over 20 years.


GuestTracker is a 100% cloud-based property management software (PMS) system that promises access to tablets and desktops running at least Windows 7/8. Create unlimited room types and prices, check availability, make reservations from the website, create package prices, edit group reservations and book with our fee-free online booking system and one-step booking process You can also view the history. For reports, GuestTracker provides room status updates and failed rooms, as well as internal occupancy reports and sales forecasts to help you plan accordingly. Nightly audits, shift reports, and transaction reports can also be run through GuestTracker’s reporting system. In addition, the solution includes fully integrated point-of-sale, QuickBooks accounting, and credit card processing with chip technology for enhanced security.

MSI CloudPM:

MSI CloudPM describes itself as a real estate management system that provides the functionality of PMS software but does not require a large upfront investment. The software can be used in smaller hotels but can be expanded to full-service hotels with up to 600 rooms.


Users love how intuitive and easy to use the software is. Since it is cloud based, its is very advanced and user-friendly too. It takes care of customer request properly and provides a good service. With CloudPM, users can connect anywhere using a web browser and automatically back up all their data. There is also a universal interface with third-party payment systems and instructor-led training during registration. MSI CloudPM does not provide pricing information on its website. Instead, you need to fill out a form to request a demo.


The hotel chain is attracted to this hotel management solution due to its many features and detailed reporting options.


With a focus on flexibility, OpenHotel has great features such as a drag-and-drop ribbon chart for room allocation and a pricing / availability tab to see if room availability and cleaning is needed. To the user. OpenHotel also has a built-in payment processing tool and a full-featured group booking tool that allows you to block data and set booking limits. Other benefits of OpenHotel include flexible pricing rule creation, package creation and booking, detailed booking tracking reports, audit reports, tax reports, and revenue. OTA integration is also available on Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz and

Oracle’s OPERA Cloud:

Oracle’s OPERA Cloud is another reliable solution, used in over 40,000 objects and over 5 million rooms.


The benefit of OPERA Cloud is from the mobile check-in / check-out system for receptionists to the cleaning staff when guests check. There is a wide range of notifications. out. Users can also improve room service response times, and the can receive back office support, including receivables, payables, and  payment gateway integration. With real-time rate availability management and automated revenue management via a third-party platform, you can handle sales and distribution or revenue management. Customer data management allows users to create secure guest profiles and view common guest purchase patterns. IT operations can also be simplified with 24/7 global support and software updates without disrupting your business.

roomMaster by InnQuest:

RoomMaster by InnQuest is used in more than 5,000 hotels around the world and is another great option in the hotel chain.


roomMaster takes hotel security seriously and cites it as one of the first great solution features. Restricted user profiles, accounting security, full audit trails, and secure credit card payments are all under the umbrella of InnQuest Security to curb the growth rate of cyberattacks on hotel properties. With roomMaster, you can create guestbooks that allow you to book, price, and group block, as well as adjust pricing for long stays and create  rollover bookings at the time of payment. Nightly audit and housekeeping / maintenance capabilities provide a five-minute daytime closure process and provide real-time housekeeping updates. It includes the ability to print schedules in multiple languages ​​and track lost items in searchable logs. Accounting, reporting and system integration are also available. roomMaster is a global solution that accepts different currencies and works in multiple languages.


The FCS Cosmo tool allows hoteliers to create a seamless flow of data used for booking confirmation, front desk operations, and real-time resource monitoring. This is a great option for optimizing room allocation efficiency and facilitating check-in. You’ll also love how to manage enterprise, guest, and travel agency data to manage revenue, pricing, and customer discounts.


Cloudbeds is hotel management software designed to simplify hotel operations through an integrated management suite. This suite includes booking management, room allocation, bookkeeping and housekeeping. As an additional bonus, the software works seamlessly with top travel sites such as TripAdvisor and Expedia. And it was rated as one of the best choices in its class. Take a look at these tools to see how to automate operations and make your hotel more efficient. Your guests (and your employees!) Thank you.

Smart Hotel Software:

Smart Hotel Software includes several tools suitable for central booking, guest relationship management, housekeeping and more. This includes features such as guest folio, check-in and check-out confirmation, prepaid notifications, integrated point-of-sale, and multi-platform information exchange capabilities.

Final Thoughts: All the features of the hotel management system should help improve the total number of bookings. Whether you’re looking to enter a new market or increase your off-season bookings, having the right software system is about optimizing and maximizing what you can achieve