Automation is vital in today’s digital world. Any commercial activity must be completed as quickly as possible while maintaining accuracy. As a result, an increasing number of providers are vying to have the finest solution. Every year, there are more ERP vendors in Singapore. The industrial sector in Singapore is well-positioned to gain from the upcoming wave of automation and digitization, or Industry as it is more commonly known. Manufacturing companies demand dynamic ERP software and smart apps that integrate all processes and give a unified platform for owners and managers to govern all aspects of their organization, especially in light of the current economic climate. Automation in the industrial Industry is critical to the success of the company. Automation allows the company to compete on an equal footing with its rivals. Companies can generate high-quality things at low prices if they have good software.

What is manufacturing software?

Manufacturing software in Singapore automates everything from production planning to stock availability tracking to resource allocation and task delegation to production routing on the shop floor. The software simplifies these operations and unifies them, giving manufacturers complete, real-time visibility of all procedures through a single system. Manufacturing systems are now just as important as the machinery and heavy equipment utilized in the manufacturing process. As a result, it has been adopted by both large and small-scale manufacturing firms. Manufacturing software is also for those of you who run a factory or do import-export business. The 10 best manufacturing software in Singapore are listed here. But the query is which the top one?


EQUIP is a well-known manufacturing software that caters to a wide range of industries. The solutions are primarily aimed at companies with complex procedures and ambitious expansion goals. The system is web-based so that it can be viewed from any computer or mobile device. You can create a bundle that is tailored to your company’s specific requirements. It is scalable and powerful, and it aids managers in making better business decisions by providing real-time data. The feature set is comprehensive, and it includes business fundamentals like sales, inventory, supply management, RFID, and more. Thanks to the business intelligence capability, data and analytics may be represented in reports, charts, and actionable insights. This all-in-one solution in Singapore is accessible as a cloud ERP or on-premises.


Koneksi is also one of the top cloud manufacturing software for small and medium-sized retail firms in Singapore. The technology works on all devices and provides users with real-time data to help them make better decisions. It accomplishes this by allowing retailers to access company performance data on-demand. Sales and order management, inventory management, auto reordering stocks, supplier management, POS, and accounting are just a few of the features included in the platform. Data is always backed up because it is completely cloud-based.


Ramco began as a research and development (R&D) firm before branching out into the manufacturing Software market. One of the benefits of Ramco ERP software is that it can be used by a wide range of companies, from small businesses to large corporations. It is what allows Ramco to serve tens of thousands of customers from all over the world. As a result, you consider Ramco to be one of Singapore’s best ERP systems.


Because of its less sophisticated and robust solutions, EMRP appeals to midsize the manufacturing companies. It has improved dramatically in recent years. EMRP used to be a small ERP system, appropriate for factories with less sophisticated workflows. EMRP can now manage more complicated manufacturing and supply chain requirements. It gives you a way to manage your production operations and boost your productivity. The system covers material management, bill of materials, labour, work orders, and financial tools such as purchase management, planning, and forecasting.


With years of experience delivering business automation solutions, HashMicro has established itself as one of Singapore’s most dependable manufacturing software. HashMicro is highlighted because of its scalability in mid-to-large-sized businesses. Over time, they noticed that more and more businesses are entrusting their business operations to HashMicro. It is because it allows for a lot of flexibility and integration when it comes to aligning the system with the operations of businesses. HashMicro serves a wide range of businesses, and you have heard that the company is now working on expanding the system’s use. It also put a lot of money into high-quality modules that can be bought separately. Advanced reporting, a user-friendly interface, and an infinite number of users are all included.


Manufacturing organizations can use NetSuite to manage production orders, resupply base inventory levels, and ensure the success and quality of customized orders. Additionally, the system supports inventories for many locations, assembly management requirements, bill of materials, work order administration, a variety of measuring methods, bar coding procedures, and other critical manufacturing business operations.

It features robust CRM tools that aid in sales growth. All customer interactions are under your control. It will assist in the automation of a complex process, allowing for better inventory management and shipping cost savings. A unified system with integrated order-to-cash operations allows you to manage all quotes and orders. Manufacturing real-time updates help you make informed decisions that affect your business. Produce materials, track downtime, and identify quality issues as they arise.


It is an ERP and CRM system aimed at medium and small businesses in the distribution, retail, service, and manufacturing industries. Compiere makes it simple for organizations to adopt its main functionality to match their procedures. Customers can use Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), a secure and scalable virtual computing service, to implement a Compiere solution on an enterprise-owned data centre system or choose for a Cloud-based deployment. Compiere also has an Enterprise edition with additional functionality to fulfil the needs of a large organization or corporation.

Job Boss:

JobBOSS is a small and midsize manufacturer’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. All data is stored in a single database, allowing multiple users to view the same information at the same time. This keeps decision makers informed and aware of what’s going on in the shop and in the office. The core technology provides real-time insight into bids that require follow-up, new orders that have been received, and production scheduling concerns to everyone, from the owner to the shop foreman to the bookkeeper or controller. Job Boss is a modular and adaptable system that grows with your company. When properly exploited, it may provide a comprehensive picture of order status and financial health throughout the entire organization. It keeps track of employment information, so you do not have to, saving you time and money. Having a quality system option is a significant bonus from a job shop standpoint. It keeps all of your information in one place and makes it easy to repeat projects.


Epicor Software Corporation, headquartered in Texas, is a global software firm. This business is an ideal automated solution for medium and large-scale manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service enterprises. Epicor ERP makes use of cutting-edge technologies like business analytics, big data, mobility, and IoT to provide its users with more flexible and intelligent manufacturing and business support.

WorkWise ERP:

Through full-featured, adaptable, and easy-to-use ERP and CRM software, WorkWise has helped businesses grow and prosper. This system is a multi-service ERP that integrates eight customer management aspects with 45 production control applications that are necessary for today’s business. This is beneficial to businesses in assisting them in making better decisions based on available data and information. As a result, manufacturing cycle times will be shortened, supply chain management will be optimized, planning and execution efficiency will be increased, and communication will be improved. So WorkWise manufacturing software can run on both iOS and Android-based mobile devices, in addition to PCs.

SAP and Odoo ERP:

SAP stands for System Application and Product in Data Processing and refers to a collection of modules that work together to automate management, planning, monitoring and production in a business. This software can automate all monitoring chores and show data in real-time, allowing it to make business decisions swiftly and accurately in accordance with objectives.

CRM, project management, sales, manufacturing, warehouse, and financial management are just a few of the modules available in this system. Odoo is made up of over 30 core modules that are updated on a regular basis with the goal of maximizing staff communication and information sharing. This software is incredibly easy to alter because it is open-source. Other systems, such as payment processors and external delivery systems, such as online platforms, can be integrated with Odoo.

Bottom Line:

Finally, these are the above-explained details of 10 Singapore’s best ERP software that have demonstrated their worth with more benefits and features. Because of its features, affordability, and after-sales support, manufacturing software is best suitable for the Industry. Companies can improve their production efficiencies, save more costs, prevent inventory pilferage, and offer critical reports to management for decision-making easily and simple. where the ERP implementation is free.