The main concept of using a payroll software is to simplify the procedure for paying for an employee of a company. The usual tasks which this software happen to do are as follows:

  • Computation of deductions and the benefits of an employee
  • Production of pay slips
  • Calculating various taxes
  • Procession of the employee’s salary directly to his or her bank account.
  • Issuing of various cheques.

A dedicated it or HR department mainly maintain the payroll processes. All of the data is cloud-based and could be accessed by various situations. Various payroll software might come as an HR package or as a standalone platform. The primary need of this software is to speed up the payroll process as well as to maintain the accuracy of the whole work. It is quite remarkable that all of the payroll processes are done correctly.

For a small business, the pressure of the overall work of the company is much less. As the company grows, the need to hire more employees is mandatory, and likewise, the work pressure is increased. Therefore, the need to take the help of payroll software is advised since this software could handle most of the crucial tasks correctly and systematically.

Some of the best payroll software for small business in Canada is as follows:


Zimyo offers businesses an end-to-end platform for HR, payroll, performance, engagement, and benefits.
Catering to the trust of 1000+ customers of various organizations, Zimyo aims to provide the #1 Employee Experience Platform to the organizations.

With our solutions, organizations have experienced reduced employee attrition, increased retention, and employee engagement by 2.5-3x. Some of our top clients include Bajaj Capital, Amity University, Riskcovry, Daciel, fleetx, imocha, and more.

ZimyoHR was founded in 2018, with the idea to build a platform that helps data-driven organizations delightful employee experiences. The founding members Kumar Mayank and Ajay Singh enabled the team to develop intuitive and innovative HR solutions that simplify complex HR processes.

Our solutions enable hundreds of organizations to improve their key metrics by minimizing their employee onboarding time, turnover ratios, improved ESS procedures and help desk, and much more.


Gusto is a cloud-based software which can handle various payroll, benefits the administration as well as maintains the HR functionalities in a single and compact package. Currently, almost 40000 companies have been using this software since it has a remarkably intact payroll feature with a very easy user interface.

This application can remove any human errors and also calculates the correct amount of deduction and beneficiaries for an employee. You do not need to enter every time you log in. All of the data which is stored under one system only.

Moreover, this application does not keep you bound to any long-term contract. This means that you can suspend your account anytime you like. Also, a month of the free trial is provided to every user who thinks of using it once for their company.


Onpay is an easy-using application which is mainly used in small companies. This is also a cloud-based platform where all of the data entered are stored into the private servers of the application. The user could easily enter various payroll information which includes hours and bonuses. This application also provides additional scope for insurance to workers on pay as you go basis.

The staff management of this app is very efficient. The user could himself, or herself access his or her profile and make the necessary changes required (if any) and also have access to his or her tax forms. The software also allows unlimited pay runs, where the company does not have to provide any extra charges for the convenience which they are made available to.


Xero is a famous multinational company which is popular amongst 180 countries all over the world. Runs on a cloud-based computing system, this is also one of the most efficient payroll software which could be used for various payroll work.

Xero itself processes and runs various payrolls and adjusts taxes according to specific regions. It uses many authentication procedures as well as two-factor authentication procedure to minimize any financial fraud. You could also have access to the summary of all the effects which have taken place in your account. A detailed record of all of the transactions made is stored safely.

Sage intact

Sage intact uses a single cloud-based computing system which is connected throughout various locations. This application allows the HR to cover all of the payrolls for the company as well as manages time tracking facility for the whole company. The software has already won a considerable number of awards for its level of accuracy.

This application is fast and smooth to use which enhances the smooth entry of data as well as it is very less time-consuming. Accuracy is maintained. The software also comes in within build report templates which could be used to build reports following the choice of the user.

Intuit payroll

Intuit Payroll is the application software which is from a company which happens to develop and sell various other financial and tax preparation software too. The process used in this app is fast and intact. It calculates the payroll easily and deploys paycheques easily.

The free paycheque calculator could calculate the overall payroll taxes and easily figure paycheques.

All of its users can consider the reliable customer support for this app.

ADP Workforce Now

This is a web-based HR application which has a pure visible dashboard which would give you an overall summary of the complete project which includes time and attendance of an employee, payroll, benefits, and many other things. You would even receive analytics regarding your company and compare it with benchmark data.

Zoho Books

This is an online accounting solution used to manage small businesses and cash flow. This application is very much useful since more than 13 million have been using this and also it is very flexible accounting software.

For any of the projects which you have been working with, you could easily record the time spent on completing the project and also incur the charges required likewise and let the respective clients know about them.

Mobile application for the same is also available for those people who like to do their work on the go.

Kronos workforce ready

This is a popular cloud-based HR management which is developed by the famous company Kronos. The application has complete HR and HCM platform along with Complete HR processes.

The application works on such a platform that the employee could himself or herself manage his or her part of the work thus allowing staff to update any information without the need of the HR.


The Paychex products are known for providing the latest technological support to various small companies. The payrolls generated could be accessed via the web, mail or phone.

The application provides the user with a complete financial platform.

The knowledge base within this application is vast since the application has an extensive collection of articles and videos.


This is an American online payroll management application which could be used for filling up the taxes and also for issuing the various payroll for the employees working for the company. The features of paycom are the ability to track, hire and engage multiple employees in the company. The software uses a single database where both the employer as well as the employee could make the necessary changes, and that would, in turn, be reflected upon the whole system.