POS stands for “Point of Sale”. This Point of Sale system consists of both software and hardware. It is a point where a business transaction happens. Nowadays almost in every shop, restaurants and many places in Canada, you can observe a software as well as hardware at the cashier point which helps with the cashless transactions. The POS are not only designed for the swiping of your cards, they help in the entire management of the business. If you are in the hunt of the best restaurant POS software system in Canada then this article will help you with the search. We will provide you with the best POS software system in Canada in this article.

1. TouchBistro

TouchBistro is one of the most famous and highly reliable restaurant POS software in Canada. The POS software has been especially designed for restaurants hence it has all the important features that are essential for the running of a restaurant. It is very quick and at the same time provides you with the flexibility of the cloud. The best thing about TouchBistro is it works with only iPad so taking the orders and sending it to the kitchen, inventory management, etc everything can be done while you are on the without worrying about any issues. Some of the great things about TouchBistro are

  • It provides instant cost reports
  • Inventory management on the go
  • Very easy to train
  • It allows paying directly at the table

2. Revel

This software has been tailor made only for the restaurateurs. The main aim behind the designing of this software is it is to simplify the processes in a restaurant. The front end usage of this software is easy but at the back end it requires some training to understand how to use this software. It helps with inventory management from the ingredient level, as everyone knows the restaurants needs a lot of inventory and Revel is designed in a way to handle the entire inventory with utmost perfection. There are so many customization options so you can design it according to your restaurant. Each and every order can be managed as it supports the iPad integration. Notable features of Revel are

  • Unlimited data storage
  • Various amazing customization options
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Security costs are included in the monthly fees only

3. Square for Restaurants

If you are in search of a restaurant POS software that perfectly caters all the requirements of a restaurateur then Square POS for restaurant is your go to option. The software is dedicated for the restaurants and it has each and every feature that is highly important for the management of a hotel, cafe, bar. The best part about Square for restaurants is it supports the billing, tip splitting, menu building, etc. Apart from these extra features it also supports inventory too. Square for Restaurants is the first software that manages the in-house orders, take outs and door deliveries at the same time. Some of the commendable features of Square for restaurants are

  • It is of very low cost which is perfect for small and medium sized restaurants
  • Its versatility makes it the best option for so many types of dining platforms
  • It is partnered with so many other platforms which makes it easy for the usage and streamlines various projects at the same time
  • It supports so many tools

4. Toast

Toast is one of the best software that is used in Canada. It has everything that is essential for the running of a restaurant. There are so many built-in features in this software which makes it the best option for the restaurants. The best thing about toast is it works on the Android platforms too unlike the other restaurant POS software. This gives the flexibility for the restaurant owners to use any tablet that they want and one has to admit the fact that android devices are cheaper than iOS ones hence it become a little bit cost effective. Features of toast that needs a special mention are

  • Customer service of Toast is of top notch
  • It is a cloud based software allowing the customers to access it at any time and anywhere
  • There is a full setup guide with the software which helps in setting up the POS software without any hassle

5. Lavu

If you are in the hunt of a software that is very fast, then Lavu will be the best option for you. Speed plays an important role in the dining business and it is very important for the software to be quick enough to cater all the requirements of the business. It is undeniable fact that Lavu is one of the best restaurant POS software which is very fast. It provides iOS integration which is much needed to offer best in class service for the customers. The customizable layout is very helpful to change the layout according to the requirements. Some of the best features of Lavu are

  • Flexible pricing based on the type and size of restaurant
  • Real time sales reporting
  • Allows table side payment processing
  • Easy modification of menu

6. Shopkeep

If you are just starting your restaurant or running a small sized restaurant and want to have a POS system then Shopkeep will be the perfect option for you. It helps in the customization of your services and makes sure that the time taken to complete an order s minimized as much as possible. The easy inventory management and reporting will save a lot of time and efforts too. It also helps the owner to ensure that there are required number of in-house staff all  the time to take up the orders. The mobiles app for Shopkeep allows you to see the reports at a glance with its latest technologies. Some of the best features of Shopkeep are

  • The inventory management is automated which reduces a lot of time required
  • Shopkeep makes it easy to split the checks, merge or even transfer of the checks
  • It helps in tracking the sellers and identifying the items that has low profit margins.
  • The scheduling helps in knowing peak hours and null hours

7. Lightspeed Restaurant

The interface of this restaurant is something to talk about. All the power packed features are incorporated into one simple interface and kept it before the restaurateurs with this software. The interface is easy to learn and any person without any hassle. There are so many unique tools in this software that makes it easy to run and manage a restaurant. The built-in loyalty program can be considered as an additional feature too. If your internet goes down at one point or another, the backup mode of this software will cater the requirement. Notable features of Lightspeed restaurant are

  • Streamlining the operations can be done with the help of multi location support
  • The built-in customer loyalty program helps in dealing with the recurring customers and develop the relationship
  • Digital menus


EPOS has different types of configuration options that makes it the right choice for the restaurants, cafes and bar. The best thing about this EPOS software is that they offer the free demo and trial which gives a clear picture about the software for the restaurant owners before they give a financial commitment. They offer multiple pricing options and packages so that the businesses can opt for the package that is perfect for them. Some of the features of EPOS are

  • Free trial
  • Affordable packages
  • Robust restaurant management
  • The security is provided by Amazon Web services hosting

9. BreadCrumb POS Services

BreadCrumb POS has been designed by Upserve, the veterans in the industry. Apart from this the software is one of the best software available in the market. The software focuses mainly on the hospitality and all the processes are done in the software with utmost perfection. The software helps in providing the customers what they want. The best thing about this software is its online feedback option. This way you would get some of the insights from the customers. Best features of BreadCrumb POS services are

  • Integration of online ordering without any extra fees as commission
  • Check and tip splitting tools
  • Easy to use interface

10. Talech

This is one of the easy  to use restaurant POS software that is used widely in Canada. The software comes with built-in marketing tools. The easy to use and comprehensive interface is one of the greatest benefits of Talech. It is one of the best software that is used to ease the day to day operations. The various pricing options can be considered as one of the best thing about this software. Some of the best features of Talech are

  • Cloud based facility with great flexibility options
  • Inventory and purchase order management options are commendable
  • The software is highly scalable
  • Great pricing options available

These are the top 10 restaurant POS Software that are used in Canada. Each one of this software has its benefits.