POS stands for Point of Sale. The Point of Sale is the place where the retail transaction is processed. There are both software and hardware involved in this Point of sale. The main aim of this POS is to make the transaction simple and safe. It is beneficial for both the store people and for customers too. From stock management to billing and collecting the money, everything can be done with the help of these POS systems. As the technology has advanced a lot, there is a necessity of these POS systems in each and every shop of Canada irrespective of their size. As Canadians are updating to the latest payment methods it has become mandatory for the retail stores to update their payment gateways with various technologies. The latest and advanced POS are not only confined to the billing, there are so many types of software out there which are possessed with features like stock management, staff management etc.

Here is the list of top 10 Retail POS systems in Canada.


Revel systems is one of the most prominent cloud based POS system. It has been designed with utmost perfection and all the features that are important for a retail and restaurant POS software are incorporated in it. It can be considered as a tailor made software for retail stores. The Revel iPad app was awarded with “best iPad app of the year”. There are so many amazing features of this software and cloud based operations is one of them. The details that are stored in the software can be accessed from anywhere without any hassle. With the iPad app, it can be accessed on the go too.

Epos Now

Here is another interesting and all in one POS software for the retail industry. The software has everything that is essential for a retail business. The inventory management, retail accounting, customer management and data are some of the extra features that are offered by Epos now other than handling transactions. Epos Now can be considered as one of the best in class software available in Canada with all the amazing features they offer at the affordable prices. It is the perfect software that will help in automating the entire retail store system. The software has been designed for small and medium sized businesses.

Quetzal Software

Quetzal software is designed specifically for cloth and accessory retailers. The POS software isn’t as fancy as the other POS systems mentioned in this list but it caters perfectly for the clothing and accessory industry. In a way it excels in this particular niche and has everything that is essential for the retail industry. The software has a simple functionality and even the price of the software is affordable. When you opt for Quetzal, there is no need for you to pay for the contracts or setup. Quetzal  offers the setup for free and this software can be integrated with any hardware that you already have or they even provide you with some suggestions.

LightSpeed Retail

LightSpeed retail is one of the most reliable and used POS software in the retail industry. As the name itself states that the software has been tailor made for the retail niche. The software is capable of providing amazing features like inventory management, process the transactions, store the customer data, consumer management, etc. The best thing about LightSpeed Retail is it can be used by the eCommerce platforms too. It provides all the required features for an online store so it can be used both offline and online. If the store has multiple branches the software will sync all the branches and manage the inventory, accounts, etc.

AmberPOS Software

AmberPOS software is one of the most used software across USA and Canada. It offers all the features that are essential for a retail store ranging from small to medium sized businesses. Apart from the POS software, AmberPOS also offers the customer relationship management tools so that all the retail store has a good and dependable relationship with all the customers. Inventory management is an additional feature offered by AmberPOS software. The advanced software will help in tracking the personal details of the customer and conduct an analysis of their purchasing trends.

AllMsi Software

AllMsi Software is one of the best software that suits each and every need of a retail store. There are so many great benefits of this amazing software for the users. This retail management solution offers customizable screens and menus, complete POS activity, inventory management and there is a provision to add some other modules as per the requirement of business. The retailers can build the software with the modules that are essential for them and pay only for that modules only, thus providing a cost effective solution. AllMsi provides a built in ledger and accounting option for the retailers.


NetSuite is a cloud based retail management software that provides multi channel retail management facility for the users. The best thing about NetSuite is it combines the features like POS, order management, eCommerce functionalities for the retailers. The NetSuite is a smart software providing services based on the requirements of the retailers. It understood all the requirements of  a retail store hence the software provides solution for each and every requirement enabling the retailer to concentrate on the customers only. The NetSuite can be used in both front office and back office according to the requirement. The software has so many features that made it one of the mostly used POS system in Canada.

Nobly POS

Nobly POS software is used in more than 20 countries including Canada. All the features that are essential for a retailer are incorporated into this software. It helps in managing the staff, inventory and customers, maintains the reports and also provides the information by gathering more than 30 reports which means the reports provided by Nobly are dependable and reliable. It is also capable of integrating with some other software like Xero and Quickbooks to cater the requirements of customers. Nobly also supports various payment types to make it easier for the customer to make payment through any mode. Another interesting thing about Nobly POS is it helps with email campaigning.

SpringBoard Retail

Here comes another intriguing and amazing POS software for retail industry. It is a web based retail solutions for the multi-channel retail industries. This software can be accessed through any advanced web browser and a strong internet connection. The best thing about this software is it is designed in a way that it can be accessible through any touch screen devices or traditional devices. It helps in collecting the customer data, providing the insights and giving all the required information about the business.

Cash Register Express Software

Cash Register Express Software is one of the most used Point of Sale software for the small and medium sized business in Canada. It offers some great features like customer and inventory management, customer loyalty, permission levels, credit card processing, staff management, marketing according to the customer trends and various other payment integration methods. The software provides higher profitability by enabling faster checkout of the customers.

These are some of the best POS software that are used in retail stores in Canada.