Automobile dealership can get hectic if you are unable to keep track of the deals coming your way and may even lose interested customers if you fail in persuading them into sales. Automotive CRM does all the necessary steps to ensure that the leads generated get converted into deals. It distributes the leads to different dealers and showrooms according to the location and interests of the customer. The automatic distribution of leads and the streamlining of test drives are all made easy when armed with CRM. 

1. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is another comprehensive CRM, The special small Business edition of sales force CRM is powerful CRM for small businesses with powerful features. This edition provides robust features for contact management, lead generation and automation of the workflow, sales and marketing automation. So it is an affordable all in one CRM for small business.


Datacard is a CRM solution that has been on top of the business for its features. The features of DataCar include a 360-degree view of the customer, vehicles and the orders. The marketing campaigns conducted are precise to draw the attention of the customer and increases your sales and after-sales. The CRM is available on mobiles, tablets and computers, making it easier to conduct business on the go. The data analysis guided by Business Intelligence and the easiness in using the platform help in the smooth functioning of the company. It allows marketing through multiple channels and also through the web.


DealerPeak is an enterprise CRM that is user-friendly and easily integrate itself into the platforms that are already used by your company. It gives you the power to customise its tools according to your wish so that you can operate your business without glitches. They offer to shape themselves according to the needs of your business to help you succeed. It helps in creating your online website, which becomes the face of your company online. The DealerPeak offers personalised dealer experiences for the customers and hence increases customer satisfaction. The real-time notifications and call integrations are other features of DealerPeak.


VinSolutions offers a CRM where you can build a close relationship with your customer through communication through Connect Mobile, and by understanding the needs and perspectives of your customer and personalising the shopping experience for them. VinSolutions has the feature of converting data into insights through analysis, and this provides tips regarding the decision to be made in sales. The document library that allows storage of necessary files which are risky to be handled otherwise and the call tracking allows to record and analyse interactions between the customers and staff. 

5.Dominion Sales Centre CRM

Dominion promises you generation of the most profitable customer relationships possible. It allows you to make a maximum profit of the efforts of the staff and channel the sales and service leads from different sources into one solution. Their software provides an all in one inventory management solution is perfect for all tasks including appraisals, pricing, data distribution and integrations. The trust of the customer can be gained by giving them details of the vehicle condition with transparency. Social websites like Facebook are used as a market place to have a greater reach to customers. It offers to upload pictures and videos of vehicles in the inventory to appeal to the buyers.


Autoraptor is a simple CRM that captures leads from all sources and brings them to a single-window, making your work easier. The campaigning via emails and texting can keep you engaged with your customer and updated on their changing interests which boost marketing. It provides the facility to scan and save the documents like license, which gets immediately added to the web apps and help you keep track of the sales. It integrates itself with the tools you use, and the mobile app keeps you connected to business wherever you are.

Thus, automotive CRM helps the customer to sort their preferences by viewing your website, and the sales team can help them according to these preferences. Moreover, it allows you to give speedy and friendly customer service to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.