1. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is another comprehensive CRM, The special small Business edition of sales force CRM is powerful CRM for small businesses with powerful features. This edition provides robust features for contact management, lead generation and automation of the workflow, sales and marketing automation. So it is an affordable all in one CRM for small business.


The Wealthbox is a web and mobile CRM application that boasts of several unique features like instant contact with the client profile appearing on demand along with the recent social activities of the said client which gives an insight into their life and achievements. It makes the working of the firm easier by being for the employees to interact on the platform and share information regarding the client. The free-trial of 30 days enables us to test the claims made by the company and for furthering the service, a monthly pay of 35$ is required. The mobile version of the app helps in working while being away from the confines of the office.


Practifi promises growth of the firm by contributing in maintaining client expectations easier with allotting to the task specifically to the concerned employee and making it user-tailored.  The live feed on the activities of the client and keeping track of the same in an organised manner is the speciality of Practifi. Real-time reports on the work-flow and other details effectively aids in time-management. The Practifi charges 120$ per month for the services provided along with other service of other apps with which the platform has collaborated to make financial advising a bit easier.


Tamarac is designed to work with Microsoft Outlook and mirroring the layout of Microsoft applications makes the platform more familiar to the employees. Thus it claims to be simple and easier to use with strategic plans provided by Tamarac, building a personal connection with the clients. Tamarac is a subsidiary of Envestnet, a leading company providing intelligence software to manage finances in companies and firms. The Portfolio Centre Cloud sets apart Tamarac as it simplifies the processes of financial advising; a clear foreseeing of the future wealth prospects and thus prepares the clients for any scenario they are faced with in advance.


Junxure promises to take care of the firm productivity, the client with its superiority in technology. The client information is collected from top technology providers to bring it together in one place and provide reports to the clients updating them on their financial progress. It also gives the option of customised search whereby one can enjoy basic and advanced search options. It aims to provide extraordinary client service, increased profit with high efficiency.

6.Redtail Technology

 Redtail, unlike other CRM’s listed above, is priced per database rather than the number of users and allows a maximum of 15 users at a reasonable monthly rate. It provides free call and email support for the users who struggle with the use of CRM software. In addition to the basic functions of a CRM like work automation and reporting, it helps in conducting seminars and webinars which bring together clients of same kind together and may bring new clients to the firm as well. It gives access to Retriever cloud, allowing the users to sync their contacts across multiple platforms and unify the activities.